Call for Papers – Stepping Through the Looking Glass: The Future for Women in Sport

Call for Papers
Stepping Through the Looking Glass: The Future for Women in Sport
Special issue of Sex Roles: A Journal of Research

sex-rolesAlthough the opportunities for women in sport in the USA have grown exponentially since Title IX became a law, there are areas of significant loss and persistent stalls in women’s advancement in sport. Clearly, more work needs to be done. Our title, Stepping Through the Looking Glass, suggests that we need to go beyond conventional discussions of female athletes and explore new ideas from new perspectives. We cannot be tethered by previous ideas and approaches but, instead, create new vistas and uncover new directions for women in sport and physical activity.[1] Only then can we discover the future for women’s sport. As contemporary pioneers, we are responsible for carving out new dimensions for exploration in sport and physical activity for women.

We seek manuscripts across a broad variety of topics on women in sport including but not limited to the following: the sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation of girls and women participants; the sexualization of women athletes by the media and corporations; the inadequate coverage of women’s sports by the media; Title IX’s influence on increased male participation as coaches and referees without reciprocity for women in men’s sports; equitable access to financial support for women athletes and girls and women’s programs; and a global perspective on girls, women, sport and physical activity. We are committed to analysis of any special issues for women of color, the differently abled and older women especially as integrated with other key construct areas. Other innovative and progressive topics will be considered. We wish to include papers that address the trajectory for women in sport from a number of vantage points including: the athlete/participant, the administrator, the feminist researcher, the advocate and the visionary.

Original empirical work is preferred; review papers will be considered. Authors submitting qualitative investigations should consult the guidelines for publishing such work in the journal before doing so. Authors who plan to submit manuscripts are asked to do so by September 9, 2013. Manuscripts should be between 25 and 40 pages, double-spaced (including title page, abstract, tables, figures and references). All manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the editorial guidelines of <i>Sex Roles</i> and should be submitted via the online submission site. Please select the article type “Sp. Iss. – Stepping Through the Looking Glass: The Future for Women in Sport” from the drop down menu, and indicate in the notes to the editorial office that the paper is to be considered as a contribution to the special issue “Stepping Through the Looking Glass: The Future for Women in Sports.” All papers will be peer reviewed. For further inquiries, please contact Ruth L. Hall at

1 The ideas for the definition of Stepping Through the Looking Glass came from
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