Call for Papers | Sport: Business or Lifestyle? The Impact and Trajectory of Modern Athletics | Online International Conference, October 3, 2020. Call ends September 18, 2020


Thematic Approach

The international conference organized by GIRES, Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarship, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, focuses on the exploration of Sport as a global phenomenon and its impact on economy, society, culture and politics.

Sport activities have long been part of our civilization. Ancients Greeks used to say that a healthy mind resided in a healthy body, and throughout history, nations have praised athletes for their achievements because they embodied physical perfection and glory.

The value of athleticism and the ideal of the perfect athlete have played a significant role in contemporary history as well. Athletes have become representatives of their nations, as a nation’s hopes were laid upon their shoulders. Sport is more than a way of life: as the example of the Cold War shows, it can be a powerful tool of propaganda, and ideal as a soft power foreign policy.

Particularly the last decades, sport has become one of the most powerful industries internationally. Not only it is a lucrative field that creates athlete-tycoons but it also generates idols for the younger generations; is that useful or not?

We wish to explore how sport has affected literature, arts and culture; understand its impact on economy and politics; and delve into the psychology, identity and behavior of people as these relate to sport. How has sport shaped our culture? Is there any idealism or it is only a well-prepared product? How sports are affected by the Covid-19 Crisis?

Proposed Topics

      • Heritage of Olympic Games and Sports
      • Doping, Anti-doping and Medical Approaches – History and Impact
      • Historic Sports Facilities: Conservation and Conversion
      • Race and Sports
      • Politics in Sport
      • Sport Education
      • Business and Sports
      • Athletics in Literature and Graphic Novels
      • Business and Cultural Aspects
      • Covid-19, Olympic Games and Sport Events

Proposed Formats (Lingua franca: English)

      • Individually submitted papers (organized into panels by the GIRES committee)
      • Panels (3-4 individual papers)
      • Roundtable discussions (led by one of the presenters)
      • Workshops and Simulation Activities
      • Forms of art connected to the conference topic

Our proposed topics & formats are not restrictive and we invite additional germane ideas
Due to the restrictions of Corona Crisis our event (for the time being) will take place virtually

Contact Info

GIRES – Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarship (Amsterdam, The Netherlands),

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