Reminder: Call for Papers for a special Issue on Managing Sport for Social Change

This is a Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the Sport Management Review on “Managing Sport for Social Change.”  The deadline for submissions is September 1 2013.

Guest Editors – Dr Emma Sherry, Dr Nico Schulenkorf and Professor Laurence Chalip


Sport for social change, often described as sport for development, uses sport as a catalyst for change to build capacity and develop healthy and inclusive communities. Sport has become an attractive mode of delivery for community and individual development around the world; however, there is a dearth of research on the provision and management of sport for social change programs. While the management of sport for social change projects (including tactics, strategies and implications) underpins much current research, scholars have yet to critically analyse and discuss the management aspects of these projects.

Sport for social change programs are developed and delivered by sport organisations and non-sport providers (such as welfare agencies, not-for-profit organisations, community groups) to a broad range of communities. They are delivered in both developed and developing nations, and with varied aims and objectives. For example, in developed nations, sport for social change programs are directed toward communities identified as marginalised or at-risk, or those communities requiring development and regeneration, including: socially and economically disadvantaged, at-risk youth, indigenous communities, recently arrived refugees, and culturally and linguistically diverse communities. In both developed and developing nations, sport for change projects aim to empower communities through capacity-building initiatives and skill development, the promotion of healthy lifestyles including the combating of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and the enhancement of social capital and cohesion through sport. In socially, ethnically, or politically divided societies, sport for change may also include programs in the area of reconciliation and peace building.

Sport for social change programs and organisations provide an intriguing space for academic studies in unique social and cultural contexts. This special issue focuses on managing sport for social change programs and associated policy implications rather than the sociocultural or health issues facing socially excluded or marginalised communities. In particular, we encourage scholars to engage critically with management theory and praxis.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Program implementation in developing or high-risk nations
  • Stakeholder management and sport for social change programs
  • Management roles and responsibilities of local and international organisers
  • Sport for social change participation, programming and delivery
  • Developing sport for social change organisational capacity
  • Facilitating community participation and empowerment
  • Sport for social change and social entrepreneurship
  • The relationship between corporate social responsibility and sport for social change
  • Harnessing social media for sport for social change programs
  • Government and policy impacts on sport for social change programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation challenges of sport for social change
  • Sustainable approaches towards local community capacity building

The list is indicative and the editors welcome approaches from authors who would like to discuss ideas for papers. The focus of the special issue will be conceptual and empirical research with a strong contextual, theoretical or methodological basis that advances knowledge. Case studies are welcomed, as per the SMR guidelines.

Deadline for submissions

Submissions are due on or before 1 September 2013 via the SMR online submission system at To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for review in relation to the special issue it is important the authors select “Sport for Social Change” when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process.

All manuscript submissions must adhere to the Sport Management Review ‘Guide for Authors’ available at

Special Issue Editor contact details

Emma Sherry, PhD
Centre for Sport and Social Impact
La Trobe University
Bundoora 3086
Tel: 61 3 9479 1343

Nico Schulenkorf, PhD
Management – Events, Leisure, Sport, Tourism and Arts Programs
UTS Business School
University of Technology, Sydney
Broadway NSW 2007
Tel: 61 2 9514 5368

Laurence Chalip, PhD
Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism
College of Applied Health Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tel: 1 217 244 4410

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