Call for Papers | Queer Voices from the Locker Room | A volume in the series “Research in Queer Studies” | Editors: Paul Chamness Miller & Cu-Hullan Tsuyoshi McGivern


We are looking for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex or questioning athletes, coaches or other members of the athletic community (either “out” or “not out”) of all levels (amateur, collegiate, semi-professional or professional) to write a short narrative essay or memoir about their personal experiences as a queer member of the athletic community. In particular, we are looking for chapters where the author writes about significant experiences that describe how their sexual or gender identity has shaped who they are today as it relates to their involvement in sports.

The length of the chapter is flexible. However, a general recommendation is about 3,000 words (approximately 10 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1” margins). Although these are to be personal essays where headings and references are not necessary, if headings and/or references are necessary, please use APA 6th edition conventions. The editors can offer guidance on how to do this for those who are unfamiliar with this format.

The deadline for manuscripts is August 31st, 2016. Please e-mail your manuscripts to BOTH of the following e-mail addresses by the July 30th deadline:

Please send to both editors an e-mail to let them know of your intent to submit a chapter and the general topic/content for planning purposes. For those who are not “out”, using a pseudonym is acceptable and encouraged, but we will require your real name for copyright agreement. Only your pseudonym will be published.

Although we welcome essays that discuss any topic that is significant in the author’s life, for those who are searching for a topic to discuss, here are some guiding questions that might help to develop some ideas. These are not meant to limit the chapter, and some authors may choose to address completely different topics.

  • Why did you decide to become an athlete? What role did your sexual identity play in that decision?
  • What kinds of significant moments related to queer issues (negative, positive or both) have you experienced or witnessed in sports?
  • What changes and challenges have you witnessed or experienced specifically within your sport as it relates to queer athletes?
  • In light of who you are as an individual, what do you hope to achieve and become as a queer athlete in the future?

Our timeline is as follows:

— August 31st deadline to send manuscript to editors
— September 30th editors to send any edits/revision requests to authors
— October 30th deadline for authors to send revised manuscript
— November 30th editors send complete manuscript to publisher
— Publication date: Spring, 2017

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

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