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    Call for Chapters | Handbook of Sport and Masculinity | Call ends May 1, 2018

    Much of the research on the relationship between sport and masculinity in the 20th century documented how heterosexual men and boys were regulated by an orthodox form of masculinity. This handbook is intended to further examine the changing relationship between contemporary sports (broadly conceived) and masculinities.

    Call for Papers | Queer Voices from the Locker Room | A volume in the series “Research in Queer Studies” | Editors: Paul Chamness Miller & Cu-Hullan Tsuyoshi McGivern

    We are looking for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex or questioning athletes, coaches or other members of the athletic community (either “out” or “not out”) of all levels (amateur, collegiate, semi-professional or professional) to write a short narrative essay or memoir about their personal experiences as a queer member of the athletic community.
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