Call for Papers | Nordic Sport Science Conference | Halmstad University, November 22–23, 2017. Call ends 2017-09-01

This conference is aimed at everyone interested in sports science research and development in the fields of education, psychology, health, sport, society and adapted physical activity. The theme for the conference is ‘The Double-Edged Sword of Sport: Health Promotion Versus Unhealthy Environments’. It is a theme that can be highlighted from several scientific perspectives, focusing on the sphere of sport, the health of young and elderly people and also people with special needs. Furthermore all the opportunities that sport can open and the changes it can bring.

Collaboration is another keyword as the conference is organised in collaboration between SVEBI (Swedish Association for Behavioural and Social Sciences Sports Research), SIPF (Swedish Sports Psychological Association), SNAFA (Swedish Network for Adapted Physical Activity) and Halmstad University. The focus is on the interaction between different research disciplines and hopefully new forms of collaboration between athletes, academics and sports practitioners. We hope for interesting and exciting days with current research and application as well as rewarding meetings with colleagues in the field of sports science.

Deadline for poster and oral presentation abstracts for the Nordic Sport Science Conference is September 1. Abstracts should be sent to Professor Urban Johnson, Halmstad University,

For further information, program, fees, et cetera, please visit the conference website.

  • Professor Urban Johnsson, Head of the Scientific Committee
  • Ass. professor Krister Hertting, Head of the Organizing Committee
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