Call for Papers | “NCAA Division III College Athlete Development and Experience” | Special Issue if Journal of Athlete Development and Experience. Call ends June 15, 2021

TXhe Institute for Student-Athlete Wellbeing and Athletic Leadership at SUNY Cortland and the Journal of Athlete Development and Experience (JADE) are partnering for a special issue of JADE focusing on NCAA Division III College Athlete Development and Experience to be published in late 2021/early 2022. The goal of this special issue is to highlight and examine athlete development and experiences specific to the NCAA DIII population in an effort to expand and fill this gap in the current literature.

We invite proposals for this special issue of the online, open-access journal. The special issue will serve as a forum to explore research, issues, and practical applications of best practice strategies in the development of DIII athlete well-being. Papers need to focus on an area that falls within the broad scope of the journal and adds value in terms of addressing new or under-explored topics surrounding DIII athletics.

Topics of interest may include but are not limited to:

      • Health and well-being challenges experienced by DIII athletes related to nutrition, sleep, mental and emotional health, interpersonal violence, interpersonal communication, substance use;
      • Effects of social media use on well-being;
      • Balancing academic, athletic, and social experiences;
      • College athlete perceptions of athletic leadership (coach/administration/faculty/campus stakeholders) in fostering athlete well-being;
      • Programs and strategies addressing DIII athlete well-being;
      • College athlete development models specific to the DIII athlete

Authors interested in contributing manuscripts for consideration in the special issue must submit the manuscript by June 15, 2021. Please follow all author guidelines and submission procedures listed on the JADE website. The cover page for the manuscript should clearly state that the submission is for the special issue.

Specific questions should be addressed to the guest editors: Dr. Bonni Hodges ( or Dr. Lindsey Darvin ( You can also contact JADE Editors in Chief: Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba ( and Dr. Sarah Stokowski (

Manuscripts submitted that correctly follow the submission guidelines are initially reviewed at the editorial level. Submissions found to be outside the scope of JADE, incomplete or incorrectly formatted per JADE submission guidelines or APA standards, or not meeting standards of sufficient quality may be subject to desk rejection. Final decisions regarding publication in this special issue are made by the JADE editors. Submissions meeting these criteria are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers via blind review procedures. JADE strives to return submission feedback to authors within 45 days of submission.

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