Call for Papers | International Scientific Conference on Applied Sports Science (ISCASS) | October 12–14, Alexandria, Egypt

Sports evolve over time, new technology and science play a pivotal role in these changes by providing athletes and coaches with important information about nutrition and training. It also helps in analyzing this information, which ultimately enhances athletic performance in sports.

Physiology plays an important role in understanding the mechanisms of the human body and therefore understanding how to improve athletes’ performances. It also helps in analyzing the body’s response to training and consequently decides the appropriate training for the athlete. Physiologists are now learning more about the role of genetic factors in athletic performance.

Genes are not the only factor influencing muscle fibers in the human body; they are also influenced by training, environment, and nutrition. In that regard, athletes and coaches must understand the interaction between these factors in order to achieve better sports’ performance.

Physiology, biochemistry and nutrition are studies that affected the understanding of muscle functions, and therefore explain how to improve sports performance for athletes. Sports nutrition plays a key role in athletic performance and without the proper fuel; the human body can’t achieve peak sports performance. Nutritionists help athletes to plan diets and ensure getting the proper nutrition in the proper time during training, competition and recovery.

IEREK (International expert for research enrichment and Knowledge management) is proud to present this conference in collaboration under the full scientific sponsorship of the Faculty of Physical Education Abu Qir – Alexandria University Egypt.

ISCASS is dedicated to the study of current challenges and future focused ideas in physical sports, sports education and its applied science. It touches upon many aspects of athletes’ lifestyles and surrounding environments that include general health, Physiology, Psychology and Community effects. Moreover, the conference will cover the economy of sports in relation to how to better invest and finance sports & athletics on the other hand Media effect and its ethics will be an important topic in this conference.

For more information, visit the conference homepage.

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