Call for Papers | “Exploring the future of leisure experiences within the metaverse”, special issue of World Leisure Journal | Call ends October 27, 2023

Guest Editors

Technology already plays a significant part in the delivery and experience of leisure activities but utilization, post-pandemic, indicates a need to investigate the potential for the future of leisure and the evolution of the experience economy. It will be vital for the sector to be able to meet the needs of an increasingly techno-centric consumer. that expects a rich, nuanced, and more complex, immersive, and virtual offer.

In this special issue we want to build upon work that has focused on exploring the boundaries of leisure and innovation. Since the pandemic, it has been claimed that transformation in the digital domain has been turbo-charged, as what would have taken many years to adopt has been accelerated to just 18 months. Included in this acceleration has been a major focus on digital dimensions.

To adapt to future consumer expectations, significant transformational impacts are likely to occur in the fields of marketing, tourism, leisure, events, hospitality, citizen/government interaction, health, workplace, education, and social networks. In the future, for individuals that choose to interact within the metaverse, the seamless transition between the physical and virtual, and the multimodal enhancement and monetization of those interactions, will provide endless possibilities of experience, many of which going beyond our current comprehension.

We are interested in receiving papers that explore and examine the numerous challenges that remain. In the first instance we would like to receive proposed contributions in the form of an abstract of around 300 words, excluding references, by the 27th of October 2023. Please email these to Dr Ian R Lamond ( For full details on this CfP, including a list of suggested topics and themes, and further submission details, please visit – the future of leisure experiences

Thank you,
Ian, Jonathan, & Tim

Dr. I R Lamond (They/Them)
I would prefer you refer to me and my work in gender-neutral terms. Why do personal pronouns matter?
Senior Lecturer
UK Centre for Events Management
Leeds Beckett University, 118 Macaulay,
Headingley Campus, Leeds LS6 3QW
Tel: 0113 81 23816

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