Call fo Papers | The 2020 Applied Sport Management Association Conference | Baylor University, Waco, TX, February 29–29, 2020. Cll ends November 15, 2019

The Applied Sport Management Association (ASMA) aims to build strong connections between scholars studying sport and practitioners working in the sport industry. We do this through our annual conference and our official journal—the Journal of Applied Sport Management. In particular, ASMA seeks to foster a supportive environment in which emerging scholars and aspiring professionals can exchange ideas and strengthen relationships.

ASMA invites scholars, practitioners, and students to submit their work to be considered for the 2020 ASMA Conference. Submissions for the following categories will be accepted:

  1. Oral presentations (includes graduate student research competition)
  2. Poster presentations
  3. 50-minute panel or workshop sessions (i.e., professional panel or teaching workshop)
  4. Works in progress papers/Getting published session

Submissions may include empirical research, case studies, conceptual/theoretical work, and teaching-related presentations. Submissions to the ASMA conference should not be concurrently submitted to another conference or have been previously presented at a conference. The deadline for oral presentation, poster presentation, and panel or workshop submissions is November 15, 2019. Works in progress submissions will be accepted until January 17, 2020.

For information about the conference and ASMA, please visit

General Submission Guidelines

  • Authors’ names should not appear on more than two submissions, regardless of co-authorship or type of presentation. An exception is made for authors who are serving as an advisor to a student who is submitting research; when listing authorship, the advisor should be clearly identified with the word “advisor” in parenthesis after his/her name.
  • All submissions should be sent as email attachments (Microsoft Word format) to the respective chairs of the various submission
  • The subject line for submissions should read: “Applied Sport Management Conference Submission”

Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • Abstracts should be submitted to Michael Diacin, Conference Academic Chair, via e-mail to
  • Abstracts should be written using the following guide:
    • 12-point, Times New Roman font, single-spaced text
    • Page 1: Title Page
      • The title of the abstract should be centered near the top of the page.
      • Below the title, list all author names and affiliations in order of contribution.
      • Centered at the bottom of page one, provide the principal author’s contact information: mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
    • Page 2: Abstract Page
      • Do not place author names or affiliations on this page.
      • The title of the abstract should be centered at the top of the page.
      • Listed below the title and aligned to the left of the page, indicate your preferred presentation format: (a) oral presentation or (b) poster presentation. Due to space and/or time limitations, some submissions may be offered a poster presentation in lieu of an oral presentation.
      • Below the type of presentation, provide your abstract. Abstracts are limited to 500 words (including references). The abstract should include text only (no tables/figures). Authors should make an effort to be parsimonious with the use of citations in the abstract; however, any citations should be accompanied by acorresponding reference at the end of the abstract.
      • Given the applied focus of the conference, authors should make sure to specifically discuss the implications of the research for practitioners in sport.

Graduate Student Research Competition

In order to be considered for the graduate student research competition, students must first prepare an abstract for an oral presentation following the guidelines provided above (all authors listed on the abstract must be graduate students at the time of the conference). In addition to the abstract submission, students who wish to participate in the research competition should complete the authorship declaration form on the ASMA Website. The abstract and authorship declaration form should be submitted to Wonyoung Kim at Three submissions will be selected as finalists, with a winner determined following oral presentations at the conference. All three finalists will receive a $100 conference stipend (the equivalent of registration cost), while the winner will receive an additional prize of$200 and a plaque in recognition of the award (for submissions with multiple authors, the stipend/prize amount will be equally divided among all authors). Submissions not selected as finalists may still be offered the option of giving an oral or poster presentation at the conference. For questions about the student research competition, contact Dr. WonyoungKim.

50-minute Panel or Workshop Session Guidelines

  • Submissions in this category should be sent to Adam Love, Panel and Workshop Session Chair, via e-mail to
  • Panel or workshop sessions will consist of approximately 50-minute sessions focusing on two possible target audiences, (a) professional panels or (b) teaching workshops/roundtables.
    • Panels (professional focused): Panel submissions may be focused on professional development and should include a brief description (1-2 pages) of the nature of the panel and its intended contribution, offer brief participant/facilitator bios, and explain the intended target audiences.
    • Workshops/roundtables (teaching focused): Submissions should provide a 1-2 page description of the focus of theworkshop, the intended target audience, proposed session content, and participant/facilitator bios.

Works in Progress/Getting Published in Sport Management Journals Session Guidelines

  • This session will include a roundtable-style discussion hosted by several current or former sport management journal editors. During the discussion, the editors will discuss their roles with various sport management journals and offeradvice for students and faculty on how to publish their research in sport management research outlets.
  • In addition to the roundtable-style discussion, students and faculty interested in this event can submit ideas (works in progress papers) that will be reviewed by the editors. Submissions in this category should be sent to Dr. Mar Magnusen, Journal of Applied Sport Management Managing Editor, via e-mail to Participation in this session does not require a works in progress submission, and all conference attendees are welcome to attend the roundtable-style discussion.
  • Works in progress submissions should be tailored to the Journal of Applied Sport Management, which is the official journal of ASMA. Submissions require a document of approximately 1,000 words focused on either a research proposal, conceptual paper, or empirical work. Authors can refer to the JASM guidelines on the following site:
  • The goal of this component of the conference is to help interested faculty and/or students generate feedback or generally discuss literature, hypotheses or research questions, data collection/analysis, and theoretical possibilities. Following the roundtable-style discussion with journal editors, individuals who submitted works in progress documents will be divided into specific groups for a group discussion (led by one of the journal editors) of the authors’ research ideas. Each submission will receive feedback from one or more of the editors associated with the roundtable-style discussion.
  • The deadline for works in progress submissions is January 17, 2020.

Case Study Competition

The 2020 ASMA conference will once again feature a student case study competition. More information will be available on the conference websiteas the date of the conference approaches.

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