Athens Journal of Sports, Volume 6, 2019, Issue 3

Student-Athlete to Professional Athlete: Confronting the Brutal Facts
Angela S. Farmer
p. 121

Heightening Leader Development for Student Staff in College and University Recreational Sports Departments
W. Zachary Weese & W. James Weese
p. 139

Quality of Life and Conversation Wheels: Possible Interventions for Physical Education in Young and Adult Education
Marcelo Paraiso Alves, Maria da Conceição Vinciprova Fonseca, Júlio César Rocha de Camargo Castro & Alexandre Palma
p. 153

Stress, Fear of Failure, and Fitness as Determinants of Decision Making among Nigerian Top Class Soccer Referees
Jephtah Olaniyi Ogunsanya and Mutairu Akande Rasheed
p. 171

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