Annals of Leisure Research, Volume 22, 2019, Issue 1

Critical Commentary

The ephemerality of community
Justin Harmon
Pages: 1-4


‘On the hunt for belonging’: culture, hunting and indo-Muslim men in South Africa
Azhar Kola, Aarti Ratna & Katherine Dashper
Pages: 5-21

Yoga tourism – a catalyst for transformation?
Alana K. Dillette, Alecia C. Douglas & Carey Andrzejewski
Pages: 22-41

Self-determined travel motivations and ecologically responsible attitudes of nature-based visitors to the Ramsar wetland in South China
Alice S.Y. Chow, Irene N.Y. Cheng & Lewis T.O. Cheung
Pages: 42-61

The relationship between recreationist–environment fit and recreationist delight
Ying-Wen Liang & Mei-Ling Peng
Pages: 62-75

Understanding the motivations of serious leisure participation: a self-determination approach
KoFan Lee & Alan Ewert
Pages: 76-96

A theory of structured experience
Gary D. Ellis, Patti A. Freeman, Tazim Jamal & Jingxian Jiang
Pages: 97-118

Measurement of deep structured experiences as a binary phenomenon
Gary D. Ellis, Patti A. Freeman, Jingxian Jiang & Andrew Lacanienta
Pages: 119-126

Classic Book Review

A perspective on ‘leisure’
Donald N. Roberson Jr.
Pages: 127-129

Book Review

Peer-to-peer accommodation networks: pushing the boundaries
Czesław Adamiak
Pages: 130-132

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