World Leisure Journal, Volume 63, 2021, Issue 2

Atara Sivan
Pages: 131-132 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2021.1926680


Leisure and human rights: the World Leisure Organization Charter for Leisure: past, present and future
Atara Sivan & A. J. Veal
Pages: 133-140 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2021.1918755

International assessment of the right to leisure time
A. J. Veal
Pages: 141-151 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2021.1918756

Open Access
Still speaking to ourselves: leisure studies in a wilderness of multiple modernities
Ken Roberts
Pages: 152-163 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2021.1926679

Predicting the factors that impact access to, completion of, and progression through community sport leaders qualifications in the UK
Hannah Mawson, Diane Crone, David James, Andrew Parker & Brendan Cropley
Pages: 164-181 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1767190

Free-choice learning in agritourism
Christine Van Winkle & Jill Bueddefeld
Pages: 182-200 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1832025

The impact on property prices of the proportion of park-like space in the proximate area
John Crompton & Sarah Nicholls
Pages: 201-215 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2020.1832026

Book Review

Time, Freedom and the Self: The cultural construction of “free” time
A. J. Veal
Pages: 216-218 | DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2021.1926693

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