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Research Article

A Qualitative Study of a Selection of Male High School Teachers’ Perceptions and Practise of Fair Play in Physical Education

This study by Ove Olsen Sæle, Åse Nylenna Akslen and Cecilie Ristesund thoroughly examines how a selection of Norwegian male teachers in upper-secondary school perceive and practise fair play in teaching. The study’s research question asks how fair play is perceived and practised by a selection of physical education teachers in upper-secondary school. In the discussion of its findings, the study considers Sheridan’s conceptualisation of fair play, which employs seven perspectives on fair play that take the term ‘ethos’ as a key concept. (Peer review article, published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum 240313.

Book Reviews

Sport, Performance and Sustainability, by Daniel Svensson, Erik Backman, Susanna Hedenborg & Sverker Sörlin (eds.)

(Shutterstock/Rafal Rutkowski)

In Sport, Performance and Sustainability, an open access volume edited by Svensson, Backman, Hedenborg & Sörlin (Routledge), the authors examine the logic of ‘faster, higher, and stronger’ and the technoscientific revolution behind the tremendous growth in sport performance over the last 100 years. Our reviewer Benjamin Mole commends the choice of Guttmann’s sportification concept as the starting point and finds much in the analyses to appreciate. Some critical observations notwithstanding, he hails the book for moving the discussion of sporting logics forward. (Review in English, published 240312.)

Kroppens apostlar: Kvinnliga gymnastikdirektörer 1864–2020 [Apostles of the Body: Female Gymnastics Teachers 1864–2020], by Leif Yttergren & Hans Bolling

(Photo: Unknown, Stockholms City Archives 1933)

Leif Yttergren’s and Hans Bolling’s Apostles of the Body. Female gymnastics directors 1864–2020 (Stockholmia Förlag) tells the story of the Gymnastics Central Institute (GCI) established in 1813 in Stockholm, where both men and women were trained to become gymnastics directors, at a time when women were still considered incapable of managing their own affairs. Jørn Hansen has taken part of the fascinating story of the two historians and he warmly recommends the book to those interested in both history and sports history as well as women’s studies. (Book in Swedish, review in English, published 240314.)

Sex and Leisure: Promiscuous Perspectives, by Diana C. Parry & Corey W. Johnson (eds.)

(Shutterstock/Aloha Hawaii)

Sex and Leisure: Promiscuous Perspectives, edited by Diana C. Parry & Corey W. Johnson (Routledge), examines sexuality from multiple, and at times, competing directions, exploring the continuum of sex from work through to carnal pleasure, and across specific sexual practices including BDSM, pornography, stripping, and sex work. Jack Lukkerz finds that the collection constitutes a both interesting and valuable contribution, with a range of examples demonstrating how research on sexuality can be conducted. (Review in English, published 240315.)

New Issues of Scholarly Journals

(We’re currently reviewing this service, since it’s a rather time-consuming undertaking. In the meanwhile we’re presenting some of the journals in line with the Forum’s core mission.)

  • European Physical Education Review, Vol. 30, 2024, No. 1 (240311)
  • Sport in Society, Volume 27, 2024, Issue 4 | Asia Pacific Sport and Social Science (240314)

News items (calls for papers, vacancies, etc.)

  • Disputation | Exploring Perceptions of Route Environments in Relation to Walking | Dan Andersson, GIH, fredagen den 22 mars 2024 (240313)
  • Call for Participation | The Power of Sound and Sport Webinar, Part One | Online symposium, April 5, 2024. Register NOW (240313)
  • Masters degree scholarship | Connacht GAA & University of Galway Strategic Partnership Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2024 | EOI submission deadline April 30, 2024 (240313)
  • Call for Participation | Russell Holden: Cricket in Modern Britain. The Politics of Crisis, Continuity and Communication | Online seminar March 19, 2024 (240314)
  • Call for Participation | Athletes’ Social Protection: Current Solutions and Future Needs, SOPROS Hybrid Conference | German Sport University Cologne, April 8, 2024 (240314)
  • Call for Papers | Conference: Exploring aesthetic practices | University of Jyväskylä, Finland, October 23–25, 2024. Call ends April 15, 2024 (240316)

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