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    Call for Papers | “Sustainability of Sport Management in the Post-COVID19 Era”, Special Issue of Sustainability. Call ends December 31, 2021

    Sport management scholars have mainly focused on environmental aspects of sustainability. However, the conceptualization of sustainability should be enriched by including economic, environmental, social, individual, and ethical aspects to provide meaningful insight into the sport industry in this unprecedented era. In line with this notion, this special issue aims to seek theoretical and practical investigation of sustainability in the field of sport management.

    Call for Papers | Sport and sustainability. NEON Conference Track | Lillehammer, Norway, November 24–26, 2021. Call ends August 31, 2021

    In this session, we aim at finding out more about the role of sport organisations for creating a sustainable future. We invite contributors to submit abstracts from research in sports within various contexts. Contributions applying various perspectives in the research on social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability are welcome. Contributions can be submitted in a Scandinavian language and English. The session managers are open to host the track in both languages.

    Doktorandkurs | Idrottens och friluftslivets miljöutmaningar, 7,5 hp. Malmö universitet, HT 2021

    Syftet med kursen är att du ska tillägna dig fördjupade kunskaper om idrottens och friluftslivets miljöpåverkan och miljöutmaningar historiskt och i dagens samhälle och hur de kan förstås utifrån sammanhang i tid och rum. Viktiga utgångspunkter är idrotten och friluftslivet som samhällsfenomen, rörelser och politikområden. Kursen behandlar olika aspekter av idrottens och friluftslivets utmaningar såsom historiska perspektiv, transporter, material och teknik, mark-och vatten användning, event, politik och påverkansinstrument.

    Call for Papers | “Sport in a changing world” | The SVEBI Conference 2021, Malmö University, is postponed until February 10–11, 2022. Call ends November 21, 2021

    This Call for Abstracts is presented in English and in Swedish. The conference is organized by the Department of Sport Sciences at Malmö University together with the Center of Research on Welfare, Health and Sport, Halmstad University. As a step towards increased internationalization, all keynotes and one conference track will be in English during the two days. Additionally, representatives from the sports movement as well as physical education teachers will be invited to attend.

    Call for Paper | “Sport, Leisure, and Sustainability”, Special Issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | Call ends August 31, 2021

    For this Special Issue, we seek theoretically and empirically sound examinations of sport, leisure, and sustainability. We conceptualize sustainability to consist of issues related to the environment, economics, and equity. 2020 has illuminated potentially unsustainable practices in sport and leisure. Flooding as a result of climate change, wild fires in the Western United States, and COVID-19.

    Lediga platser | Postdoktor i idrottsvetenskap inom Mistra-projektet, till Malmö universitet | Ansök senast midsommardagen, den 20 juni 2020

    Som postdoc kommer du att bedriva historisk forskning i ett projekt inriktat på idrott och friluftsliv i ett brett samhällsperspektiv med fokus på miljö och hållbarhet. Den specifika forskningsuppgiften formas i dialog med en forskningsgrupp, som består huvudsakligen av historiker, samt samverkanspartners inom forskningsporgrammet Mistra Sport & Outdoors, ett tvärvetenskapligt forskningsprogram finansierat av Stiftelsen för miljöstrategisk forskning, Mistra.

    Call for Papers | “Landscape, Sport, Environment: The Spaces of Sport from the Early Modern Period to Today”, the 2019 Garden and Landscape Studies Symposium | Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC,...

    The symposium seeks to address this lack of knowledge, exploring the design of different sport and recreational landscapes over time and how they have given expression to various understandings of nature and culture. What are the relationships between sport landscapes and their environment? What is the relationship between the site itself and the culture of sports and recreation embedded within it?

    Call for Papers | “Creating and Managing a Sustainable Sporting Future” | Special issue of Managing Sport and Leisure. Call ends February 8, 2018

    Seeking a wider range of outcomes through sport-based interventions and establishment of partnerships with non-sport sectors is characteristic of policy aspirations internationally. This special issue seeks to uncover the global challenges in terms of managing the re-orientation of stakeholder activities and organisational strategies in response to such re-alignment of sport policy.

    Vacancy | Research Associate in Sport, Culture & Education for Sustainable Development | Loughborough University

    A Research Associate is required to work on an exciting, ESRC-funded project studying the role of sport, cultural and educational programmes in promoting sustainable development. As part of our research team, you will undertake research into the organisation and delivery of these programmes in three international locations (Cape Verde, Nepal and Timor Leste).

    Call for Papers | SVEBI’s konferens 2015 – Hållbar idrott | Linnéuniversitetet i Växjö den 11–12 november

    Linnéuniversitetet hälsar lärare och forskare vid landets universitet och högskolor, idrottsledare, lärare i idrott och hälsa, och andra intresserade varmt välkomna till idrottskonferensen SVEBI 2015.
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