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    Decolonizing Sport and Exercise Psychology Within a European Context: A Critical Overview

    Despite a call for rethinking the epistemological understanding of the acculturation and its relation to sport and exercise, European sport and exercise psychology has remained unchallenged territory. Sepandarmaz Mashregi’s critical overview is a call for decolonizing the knowledge and scholarship within sport and exercise psychology by utilizing transformative approaches that centralize the voices of the cultural ’other’.

    Important addition to the literature on sport research related to migration and integration

    Sine Agergaard’s latest book Rethinking Sports and Integration: Developing a Transnational Perspective on Migrants and Descendants in Sports (Routledge) offers a critical cultural analysis of the idea that sport can promote the integration of migrants and their descendants. Our reviewer Sepandarmaz Mashreghi is generally positive to the new perspective put forward by Agergaard.

    Advancing critical thinking pertaining to ethnic ‘Other’ females in sport and physical culture

    The experiences of ethnic ‘Other’ females in sport is the focus of a new edited collection, Race, Gender and Sport: The Politics of Ethnic ‘Other’ Girls and Women (Routledge) by Aarti Ratna & Samaya Farooq Samie. We asked Sepandarmaz Mashregi for a review and she obliged by submitting an appreciative appraisal, albeit not uncritical, and as informative and enlightening as ever.

    Idrotten i spänningsfältet mellan hälsa och ohälsa: Rapport från Nordisk idrottsvetenskaplig konferens, 22 till 23 november 2017 i Halmstad

    2017 års SVEBI-konferens arrangerades av Högskolan Halmstad tillsammans med SVEBI, SIPF och SNAFA och fick beteckningen Nordisk idrottsvetenskaplig konferens. Läs den fylliga konferensrapporten av Alexander Jansson, Matilda Lindberg och Sepandarmaz Mashreghi, samtliga doktorander vid Malmö universitet.
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