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    Competent and comprehensive handbook charts the new sport media landscape

    Under the editorship of Andrew C. Billings & Marie Hardin, 53 contributors have collaborated to produce 31 chapters over 374 pages for the Routledge Handbook of Sport and New Media. Our reviewer is Britt-Marie Ringfjord, and she finds that the collection has aged well, being originally published in 2014, an is to this day a valuable tool for sport media scholars and students alike.

    Boken håller inte vad recensenterna lovar…

    Den välrenommerade brittiske sportjournalistveteranen Rob Steen har uppdaterat sin Sports Journalism: A Multimedia Primer (Routledge). Marit Stub Nybelius, som själv undervisar i sportjournalistik, kan inte instämma i hyllningarna på bokens baksida.
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