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    Being in the right place at the right time: Resources and barriers in the transition from youth to senior in a Danish elite football club

    This instrumental case study investigated the internal and external resources and barriers in football players’ transition from junior to senior in an elite football club. Data was gathered through interviews with two coaches and five players who recently had transitioned from youth to senior elite level. Thematic analysis uncovered specific intrapersonal and environmental resources and/or barriers.

    At være på det rigtige sted på det rigtige tidspunkt: Ressourcer og barrierer i overgangen fra ungdoms- til førstehold i en dansk elitefodboldklub

    Dette case-studie af Nicolai Rosenkilde, Nikolaj Christiansen & Niels Nygaard Rossing, Aalborg Universitet, undersøgte fodboldspilleres overgang fra junior til senior i en elitefodboldklub. Studiet viser en række interne og eksterne ressourcer og barrierer, som både spillere og klub kan forsøge at forbedre. Men samtidig viser studiet, at det også handler om at være det rigtige sted på det rigtige tidspunkt.
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