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    Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education, Volume 12, 2021, Issue 1

    CSHPE has a particular focus on social science research-based articles that make reference to other critical work in the field and/or discuss particular issues of practice-focused research within the specific professional field. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: EXPERIENCES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT: REFLECTIONS OF FEMALE ATHLETES WITH VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS by Maggi Buckley, Justin A. Haegele, Xihe Zhu & Jonna Bobzien.

    Managing Sport and Leisure, Volume 23, 2018, Issue 4–6: Creating and Managing a Sustainable Sporting Future

    Managing Sport and Leisure is a refereed journal that publishes high quality research articles to inform and stimulate discussions relevant to sport and leisure management globally. The journal is committed to publishing research that advances understanding of the practice of sport and leisure management, and to provide a high level forum for communication between academics and practitioners of sport and leisure.
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