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    Conflicting conclusions about the complex concept of talent

    Joseph “Joe” Baker is a proficient and frequent contributor to the body of academic publications on talent, having (co-)authored numerous journal articles as well as book chapters, and being the editor of several books on the topic of talent since 1998. His latest effort is entitled The Tyranny of Talent: How it compels and limits athletic achievement… and why you should ignore it (Aberrent Press), and it is reviewed here by Leah Monsees, soon to be a PhD with her own project within the field of talent.

    Är det en mans värld? Om genus, ledarskap och organiserad idrott

    För att uppmärksamma och hylla Jorid Hovdens drygt trettioåriga forskargärning har ett stort antal ledande norska idrottsforskare under Anne Tjønndals ledning tillsammans fyllt en voluminös festskrift, Idrett, kjønn og ledelse: Festskrift til Jorid Hovden (Fagbokforlaget) med 18 innehållsrika kapitel. Leah Monsees hyllar i sin tur Anne Tjønndals redaktörsgärning, och hon finner mycket i de olika bidragen att ta lärdom av för sitt eget pågående avhandlingsprojekt.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall – interdisciplinarity is the winner after all? Discussing interdisciplinarity in relation to the sport sciences

    In this essay, written in the early stages of her PhD education, Leah M. Monsees takes interdisciplinarity as theoretical concept and research practice for a penetrating discursive ride. Her own background in peace research and gender studies, with topics like social justice and social equality, will be confronted by the at times limited perspectives of sport studies, and there may well be some difficult, yet fruitful, confrontations ahead for the author – and for her colleagues as well.