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    Call for Papers | Football in Turkey 2021 | Online conference April 28, 2021. Call ends March 26, 2021

    The football world in Turkey presents complex peculiarities that are very difficult to understand for neutral observers. Born into the final years of the Ottoman Empire, football not only witnessed the birth of a new, modern nation-state, from day one, it became a vital part of Turkish modernism, along with other key concepts such as nationalism or secularism. Football has also become a battlefield for political, social and cultural divisions, which makes the case of Turkey even more appealing for football scholars. 

    Call for Papers | “It’s (not) just a game: Football’s evolving culture” – Football Collective Conference 2020 | Portsmouth, November 26–27, 2020. Call ends September 11, 2020

    The committee of the 2020 Football Collective Conference invites researchers, practitioners and scholars to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation. We invite proposals for oral presentations, posters/exhibits, and workshops/symposiums. The conference is designed to offer opportunities for all to present research, research ideas, potential projects, and innovative methods of data collection or public engagement.

    Call for Papers | Colloquium: “Beyond the Back Page: Readings of Sports Photography” | Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey, June 5, 2020. Calls ends February 28, 2020

    Photographs of sport, and of its most popular athletes, have long been essential not only to sports reporting but also to the commercial exploitation of professional sport. To coincide with our forthcoming exhibition of the football photography of the photojournalist Peter Robinson, this colloquium aims to contribute to a scholarly and critical engagement with the relationship between photography and sport.

    Call for Papers | International Football History Conference | Hibernian Football Club, Edinburgh, June 5–6, 2020. Call ends December 31, 2019

    The fourth annual International Football History Conference will take place at the Hibernian Football Club, Easter Road Stadium, 12 Albion Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5QG, Scotland, and will be held over two days (Friday 5 and Saturday 6 June 2020). This is a call for papers to be presented at the conference. There will be an opportunity to present on any topic relating to the history of football of any and all codes.

    Call for Papers | Beyond the Big Five: Rethinking the Professionalisation of Football in Europe | Université de Lausanne, May 25–27, 2020. Call ends November 15, 2019

    Conceived during an interdisciplinary project built in collaboration between the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Université de Lausanne (UNIL), which focused on professionalisation processes in Belgium and Switzerland, our ambition with this conference is to capture the varieties of football professionalisation across Europe, or rather all the several processes often mixed behind or beyond the word and the multiple definitions of “professionalisation”.

    Call For Papers | Football Feminism – Global Governance Perspectives | The Symposium, Jean Monnet Center, NYU School Of Law, February 24–25, 2020. Call ends July 15, 2019

    The Symposium will aim to illuminate and nuance the relationship between gender and power within the transnational regulatory system that governs football (with FIFA at its helm); to identify specific gendered implications of existing governance structures, rules and procedures; and to consider innovative ideas for feminist reform or revolution.

    Call for Papers | “From Grassroots to hyper commodification”. The Football Collective Annual Conference | Sheffield, November 28–29, 2019. Call ends September 6, 2019

    Drawing on research undertaken by members of the Football Collective, the 2019 Annual Conference will look to scrutinise the business of football to find solutions that will benefit clubs, their players, their fans and their local communities. This year's conference will also explore both the commercial and human benefits football can bring to the general population.

    Call for Papers | GSA Seminar: Football (soccer) in German-Speaking Europe: History, Politics and the Arts | Portland OR, October 3–6, 2019. Call ends January 26, 2019

    This seminar investigates football’s role in discourses on culture, history, and politics in connection to topics such as aesthetics, gender roles, disability, religion, class, economics, and collective identities. We are particularly interested in applications from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives related to football. We also encourage proposals from participants at all career stages.

    Call for Papers | “Football: Politics of the Global Game” | November 15–16, 2018, University of Warsaw. Call ends July 16, 2018

    The Conference will focus on football as an important social institution playing a rising role in various fields of human activity, and thus contribute to the increased knowledge among scientists specialising in football, as well as to examine the connections between football and politics or broader - social sciences.

    Call for Papers | “Challenging the Narrative” – Critical Thinking in Football | The Football Collective Conference 2018, Glasgow November 29–30 2018. Call ends September 7, 2018

    The football collective conference theme for 2018 is challenging the narrative. We welcome papers and presentations that will challenge myths and misconceptions, commonly held attitudes and positions. As the gap between fans and bodies (including clubs) grows wider and financial division within the game becomes more entrenched, critical thinking about the game has never been more necessary.
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