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    International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 23, 2022, No 3

    IJSMS is the world’s leading journal for the sports marketing industry, and provides a vital resource to both academic and industry experts. For academics it is an opportunity to publish the highest quality, peer-reviewed research. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Sponsor and ambush marketing during the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Twitter and Instagram by Olan K.M. Scott, Nicholas Burton, Bo L.

    Few flickering lights in an otherwise overwhelming darkness

    Yet another volume in Routledge’s World Association for Sport Management Series has been published, International Sport Business Management: Issues and New Ideas, edited by James J. Zhang, Brenda G. Pitts & Lauren M. Johnson. We asked Hans Lundberg, Senior Lecturer in organization and entrepreneurship at the School of Business and Economics, Linnæus University, for a review. He is not impressed by this book, rather the opposite, although he manages to find a couple of bright spots among the contributions.

    Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 27, 2020, Issue 2

    PJST is published by De Gruyter, and is open access, which means that published articles are freely available in full text. Click on the articles headlines to go to the abstract page, where there’s a link to a pdf-version of the article. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: MOTIVATIONS (FOR) AND OUTCOMES OF CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IN FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY by Karolina Nessel, Dariusz Drewniak.
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