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    Taking Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) to a new level

    Joy I. Butler passed away in September 2019. Mikael Londos remembers her by reviewing her seminal work from 2016, Playing Fair: Using student-invented games to prevent bullying, teach democracy, and promote social justice (Human Kinetics). In spite of taking issues with some aspects of her Teaching Games for Understanding model, our reviewer is happy to recommend Butler’s book to all PETE and PE teachers alike.

    Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 38, 2019, Issue 2: Physical Literacy: Evidence and Intervention

    The purpose of the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education is to communicate national and international research and stimulate discussion, study, and critique of teaching, teacher education, and curriculum as these fields relate to physical activity in schools, communities, higher education, and sport.

    Journal of Sport for Development, Vol. 6, 2018, Issue 11

    The Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal focused on publishing research from the Sport for Development sector. JSFD’s mission is to examine, advance and disseminate evidence, best practices, and lessons learned from Sport for Development programmes and interventions.
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