Call for Participants | “Doping and amateur athletes”, online Short Talk, free of charge | June 22, 2023, at 17:00 CEST

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Beyond the realm of professional sports, doping is common in gyms and recreational sports, spreading among amateur athletes. These amateur athletes are rarely subjected to anti-doping polices and controls, less even to prevention and information sessions. Their medical supervision cannot be compared either to the support that professional athletes get.

The health and ethical issues attract the attention of a growing number of institutions and scholars:

    • What are the doping practices of these athletes? And their objectives?
    • How do they start using these substances? How do they get them? And how do they monitor their effects (if they do so)?
    • How can institutions deal with the situation? Is the “Zero tolerance” approach used in professional sports useful with this population, or should institutions seek to adopt another one, for example a “harm reduction approach”? What are the responsibilities of the institutions involved? (Health and/or Sports Ministries, Anti-doping agencies, gym-owners…)

We invite you to join our next webinar, co-hosted with the Human Enhancement Drugs Network (HEDN), on amateur athletes and doping.

A panel of Luke Cox (scholar), Olivier de Hon (director of the National Anti-Doping Organisation of the Netherlands) and Eric Vandenabeele (gym-owner) will explore the use of prohibited substances by amateur athletes, the regulations currently in place to control this issue, and possible effective prevention strategies.

Reserve a spot by clicking here. A link to the meeting will be sent to the attendees few days before the event.

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