Sports Innovation Journal, Volume 3, 2022 | College Athletics

Research Articles

The Winds of NCAA Change: Navigating the Unknown in College Athletics Governance
Anastasios Kaburakis

“He’s an Asshole: ”Power 5 College Football Athletes Navigating a “Shady” Coaching Transition
Alison Fridley, Daniel Springer, Amanda L. Paule-Koba, Stacey A. Forsythe, Sarah Stokowski

Constructing Your Career Plays: A Career Advisor’s Approach to Life Designing With College Student-Athletes
Evan W. Faidley

Rethinking Disability Inclusion in Intercollegiate Athletics: Examining the NCAA’s Mission and Priorities
Sarah Stokowski, Stephanie O’Donnell

Amateurism as a Narrative of Control: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Lived Experiences of College Athlete
Tracie Canada, Kaitlin Pericak, Miray D. Seward

Who Is NIL Leaving Out? Challenges and Solutions for International Student-Athletes
Beth D. Solomon, Karina G. Jolly, Sarah Stokowski, Sam C. Ehrlich, Skye G. Arthur-Banning

U.S. Citizenship Supremacy: How Immigration Laws and NCAA Policies Exclude International College Athletes From Monetizing Their Name, Image, and Likeness
Simran Kaur Sethi, Katie Lever, Kirsten Hextrum

Bibi Donraadt s an international student-athlete, double majoring in Biology and Psychology on the Pre-Med track. In her spare time, Bibi competes on the University of Maryland Field Hockey team, where she has earned several awards, including 2021 NFHCA All-Mid Atlantic Region First Team, 2020 Big-Ten All Second Team, and 2018 Big Ten Freshman of the Year. (Image from UMD Office of International Affairs, not related to the article)
The International Student-Athlete Experience: A Research Study Into the Transition Process of ISAs, From Their Home Country Into Life as an NCAA Student-Athlete
Ioanna Charitonidi, Anastasios Kaburakis

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