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    Now updated | Jay Coakley shares his 5,863 entries sport studies bibliography! Get it here!

    In his revisions of Sports in Society for each new edition, Jay Coakley has compiled an impressive sport studies/sport sociology bibliography that contains about 5100 references, in which it is possible to do basic word searches of titles, or authors’ last names. It’s here!

    Sociology of Sport Bibliography, by John Horne

    The growth in the sociological study of sport, and the volume of research into specialist aspects of sport and society, has produced a burgeoning literature, of books, edited collections and specialist journals.

    Philosophy of Sport blog: A paucity of posts and an “essential” bibliography

    Given the number of philosophical questions within sports, and the number of renowned sport philosophers connected to the Philosophy of Sport blog ("news and views related to the philosophical dimensions of sport"), no less than 25, surprisingly little is happening there, and the tendency is diminishing. The first post of 2013 was published the other day. 2012 saw 19 posts,...
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