Susan Backhouse is looking for peer reviewed articles on doping for a WADA publication

Susan Backhouse

Dear colleagues,

I am undertaking an update to a review published by WADA in 2007 which explored the contribution of the social sciences to our understanding of doping in sport. The landscape has changed since this review was published and I would like to capture the developments that have taken place in the updated report.

Therefore, in order to ensure a complete collection of recent work in the field of anti-doping in sport, I invite you to send me any relevant peer reviewed articles that you have published since 2007. In line with our previous review, we will consider the status of the social sciences of doping in sport regarding (a) predictors and precipitating factors in doping; (b) psycho-social variables related to doping and (c) anti-doping education or prevention programs.

If the article is not in the English language, I would be delighted to receive the paper if it is accompanied by an abstract written in the English language. If not, the full reference would still be helpful so that I can signpost the research that is taking place in the field. This networked approach should ensure we capture research papers not picked up by our systematic search of the online databases.

Finally, I would also be grateful if you could forward this request on to your networks in the field in order to ensure the greatest reach.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the review.

Kind regards

Dr Susan H. Backhouse | CPsychol
Programme Director, MSc Psychology of Sport & Exercise
Carnegie faculty of sport
Leeds metropolitan university
Fairfax Hall 217, Headingley Campus, Leeds LS6 3QS
+44 (0)113 81 24684

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