Sports, Volume 8, 2020, Issue 7

Cover Story

Review: Global Challenges of Being a Strength Athlete during a Pandemic: Impacts and Sports-Specific Training Considerations and Recommendations
Christopher Latella and G. Gregory Haff
Sports 2020, 8(7), 100; doi:10.3390/sports8070100

Featured Paper

Article: The Effects of Loaded Plyometric Exercise during Warm-Up on Subsequent Sprint Performance in Collegiate Track Athletes: A Randomized Trial
Kalin A. Tomlinson, Ken Hansen, Daniel Helzer, Zakkoyya H. Lewis, Whitney D. Leyva, Meghan McCauley, William Pritchard, Emma Silvestri, Monica Quila, Michael Yi and Edward Jo
Sports 2020, 8(7), 101; doi:10.3390/sports8070101


Article: Effects of Plyometric and Repeated Sprint Training on Physical Performance
Ivan Krakan, Luka Milanovic and Ivan Belcic
Sports 2020, 8(7), 91; doi:10.3390/sports8070091

Article: Physiological Predictors of Performance on the CrossFit “Murph” Challenge
Ja’Deon D. Carreker and Gregory J. Grosicki
Sports 2020, 8(7), 92; doi:10.3390/sports8070092

Article: Validation of Inertial Sensor to Measure Barbell Kinematics across a Spectrum of Loading Conditions
John C. Abbott, John P. Wagle, Kimitake Sato, Keith Painter, Thaddeus J. Light and Michael H. Stone
Sports 2020, 8(7), 93; doi:10.3390/sports8070093

Article: The Reliability and Validity of Current Technologies for Measuring Barbell Velocity in the Free-Weight Back Squat and Power Clean
Steve W. Thompson, David Rogerson, Harry F. Dorrell, Alan Ruddock and Andrew Barnes
Sports 2020, 8(7), 94; doi:10.3390/sports8070094

Article: Verifying Physiological and Biomechanical Parameters during Continuous Swimming at Speed Corresponding to Lactate Threshold
Gavriil G. Arsoniadis, Ioannis S. Nikitakis, Petros G. Botonis, Ioannis Malliaros and Argyris G. Toubekis
Sports 2020, 8(7), 95; doi:10.3390/sports8070095

Article: Sociodemographic Determinants of Physical Activity and Sport Participation among Women in the United States
Jennifer R. Pharr, Nancy L. Lough and Angela M. Terencio
Sports 2020, 8(7), 96; doi:10.3390/sports8070096

Article: Evolution of Physical Fitness in Formative Female Basketball Players: A Case Study
David Mancha-Triguero, Nicolás Martín-Encinas and Sergio J. Ibáñez
Sports 2020, 8(7), 97; doi:10.3390/sports8070097

Article: A Thirty-Five-Minute Nap Improves Performance and Attention in the 5-m Shuttle Run Test during and outside Ramadan Observance
Hsen Hsouna, Omar Boukhris, Khaled Trabelsi, Raouf Abdessalem, Achraf Ammar, Jordan M. Glenn, Nick Bott, Nizar Souissi, Paola Lanteri, Sergio Garbarino, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi and Hamdi Chtourou
Sports 2020, 8(7), 98; doi:10.3390/sports8070098

Article: Predictors of CrossFit Open Performance
Gerald T. Mangine, Joy E. Tankersley, Jacob M. McDougle, Nathanael Velazquez, Michael D. Roberts, Tiffany A. Esmat, Trisha A. VanDusseldorp and Yuri Feito
Sports 2020, 8(7), 102; doi:10.3390/sports8070102

Article: Validity of the Stryd Power Meter in Measuring Running Parameters at Submaximal Speeds
Frank Imbach, Robin Candau, Romain Chailan and Stephane Perrey
Sports 2020, 8(7), 103; doi:10.3390/sports8070103

Discussion: Effect of ACTN3 Genotype on Sports Performance, Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage, and Injury Epidemiology
Gabriel Baltazar-Martins, Jorge Gutiérrez-Hellín, Millán Aguilar-Navarro, Carlos Ruiz-Moreno, Victor Moreno-Pérez, Álvaro López-Samanes, Raúl Domínguez and Juan Del Coso
Sports 2020, 8(7), 99; doi:10.3390/sports8070099

Special Issues Open for Submissions

New Perspectives in Resistance Training
(Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Effects of Exercise Interventions on Inflammation in Psychiatric Disorders
(Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Biomechanics behind Sports Injury, Prevention, and Performance in Running
(Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Obesity, Diet and Exercise
(Deadline: 31 August 2020)

Effects of Exercise on the Immune System
(Deadline: 30 September 2020)

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Recent Special Issue Reprints

Improving Practice and Performance in Basketball
Aaron Scanlan and Vincent Dalbo (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-694-9 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-695-6 (PDF)
doi: 10.3390/books978-3-03921-695-6

Strength and Conditioning
Lee E. Brown (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-03842-346-1 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03842-347-8 (PDF)
doi: 10.3390/books978-3-03842-347-8

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