Sports, Volume 7, 2019, Issue 12

Cover Story

Article: Symptomatic Achilles Tendons are Thicker than Asymptomatic Tendons on Ultrasound Examination in Recreational Long-Distance Runners
Bo Tillander, Håkan Gauffin, Johan Lyth, Anders Knutsson and Toomas Timpka
Sports 2019, 7(12), 245; doi:10.3390/sports7120245


Article: The Prevalence of Legal Performance-Enhancing Substance Use and Potential Cognitive and or Physical Doping in German Recreational Triathletes, Assessed via the Randomised Response Technique
Sebastian Seifarth, Pavel Dietz, Alexander C. Disch, Martin Engelhardt and Stefan Zwingenberger
Sports 2019, 7(12), 241; doi:10.3390/sports7120241

Article: Short-Term Seasonal Development of Anthropometry, Body Composition, Physical Fitness, and Sport-Specific Performance in Young Olympic Weightlifters
Helmi Chaabene, Olaf Prieske, Melanie Lesinski, Ingo Sandau and Urs Granacher
Sports 2019, 7(12), 242; doi:10.3390/sports7120242

Article: How Does Biological Maturation and Training Experience Impact the Physical and Technical Performance of 11–14-Year-Old Male Basketball Players?
Eduardo Guimarães, Ana Ramos, Manuel A. Janeira, Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones and José Maia
Sports 2019, 7(12), 243; doi:10.3390/sports7120243

Article: The Coach–Athlete Relationship in Strength and Conditioning: High Performance Athletes’ Perceptions
Steven J. Foulds, Samantha M. Hoffmann, Kris Hinck and Fraser Carson
Sports 2019, 7(12), 244; doi:10.3390/sports7120244

Article: Acute Effect of Quadriceps Myofascial Tissue Rolling Using A Mechanical Self-Myofascial Release Roller-Massager on Performance and Recovery in Young Elite Speed Skaters
Shaher A. I. Shalfawi, Eystein Enoksen and Håvard Myklebust
Sports 2019, 7(12), 246; doi:10.3390/sports7120246

Article: Attitudes and Beliefs towards Sport Specialization, College Scholarships, and Financial Investment among High School Baseball Parents
Eric G. Post, Michael D. Rosenthal and Mitchell J. Rauh
Sports 2019, 7(12), 247; doi:10.3390/sports7120247

Article: Exploring Cognitive Dissonance on a Ski Mountaineering Traverse: A Personal Narrative of an Expedition to ISHINCA (5530 m) in PERU
Melissa Hart
Sports 2019, 7(12), 249; doi:10.3390/sports7120249

Article: Reliability and Structural Validity of the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2 in Croatian Preschool Children
Ivan Serbetar, Jan Morten Loftesnes and Asgeir Mamen
Sports 2019, 7(12), 248; doi:10.3390/sports7120248

Erratum: Erratum: Bujnovsky, D., et al. Physical Fitness Characteristics of High-level Youth Football Players: Influence of Playing Position. Sports 2019, 7, 46
David Bujnovsky, Tomas Maly, Kevin R. Ford, Dai Sugimoto, Egon Kunzmann, Mikulas Hank and Frantisek Zahalka
Sports 2019, 7(12), 250; doi:10.3390/sports7120250

Commentary: A Warning against the Negligent Use of Cannabidiol in Professional and Amateur Athletes
Dirk W. Lachenmeier and Patrick Diel
Sports 2019, 7(12), 251; doi:10.3390/sports7120251

Special Issues Open for Submissions

Selected Papers from the 9th Greek Conference of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise
(Deadline: 31 January 2020)

Skeletal Muscle Metabolism in Exercise
(Deadline: 31 January 2020)

Obesity, Diet and Exercise
(Deadline: 28 February 2020)

Biological Relationship Between Skeletal Muscle and Whole-Body Health
(Deadline: 29 February 2020)

Physical Performance in Team Sports
(Deadline: 15 March 2020)

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Recent Special Issue Reprints

Improving Practice and Performance in Basketball
Aaron Scanlan and Vincent Dalbo (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-694-9 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-695-6 (PDF)

Strength and Conditioning
Lee E. Brown (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-03842-346-1 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03842-347-8 (PDF)

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