Sport Scholar Profile | Magnus Kilger, Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)


  • Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Sport Science, specialized in educational science


  • Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science, University of Gothenburg, Box 300, 405 30 Gothenburg
  • E-mail

Research interests

  • My research deals with organized child and youth sports, focusing on youth and identity in sporting contexts. My research interests also include social interaction and the new neuro-ontological rationality of sports today. His methodological experience includes narrative and discourse analysis. neuro-ontological rationality.

Work in progress

  • I do research focusing on talent management in sports, using narrative and discourse analyses. My current projects are focusing on social interaction in selection camps and players’ uptake to coaches’ joking, and the concept of cognitive executive functions in the identification and selection of young talent and, more specifically, on how the concept of cognitive executive functions (CEF) and CEF tests are translated into scientific facts, popularized and made applicable in talent selection.

Selected publications

Kilger, M. (2019). From hard work to grit: On the discursive formation of talent. Scandinavian Sports Studies Forum, 10(2), 29-50.
Kilger, M. & Aronsson, K. (2019). Being a good sport: Players’ uptake to coaches’ joking in interviews for the youth national team. Sports Coaching Review (accepted
for publication).
Kilger, M. (2019). Blir du valbar, lille vän? Det självreflekterande barnet i urvalssituationer. In M. Jansson (Ed.) Barnnorm och kroppsform: Om ideal och sexualitet i barnkulturen. (pp. 62-74). Stockholm: Centrum för barnkulturforskning.
Kilger, M. (2017). Kaxigt och ödmjukt i ungdomars framgångsberättelser. Online publication.
Kilger, M., Jonsson, R. (2017). Talent Production in Interaction: Performance Appraisal Interviews in Talent Selection Camps. Communications and Sport, 5(1), 110-129. Doi: 10.1177/2167479515591789
Kilger, M. (2016). Talent stories in youth sports: Discursively shared narratives of success. Narrative Inquiry, 27(1), 48-66. Doi:10.1075/ni.27.1.03kil
Kilger, M., Börjesson, M. (2015). Searching for Talent. The Construction of the Legitimate Selection in Sports. Scandinavian Sports Studies Forum, 6(3), 85-105.


Searching for Talent: The Construction of Legitimate Selection in Sports (article, with Mats Börjesson, published 151013 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 6, 2015)
From hard work to grit: On the discursive formation of talent (article, published 151013 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 10, 2019)

Published 2019-04-04

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