Call for Papers | “Bodywork in Canada” | A volume from Canadian Scholars Press, edited by Dr. Valerie Zawilski. Call ends April 30, 2019

Bodywork – what is it? How do we perceive our selves and our bodies in relation to our physical, geographical, social, cultural, political, psychological, and spiritual environments? Canadian Scholars Press is considering publishing an edited volume on the interdisciplinary field of body politics. The editor seeks chapter proposals that use intersectional methodological and theoretical frameworks to examine political and socio-historical discourses that have shaped bodywork in Canadian society.

Possible areas of submission include:

    • Political and social  discourses around healthy and un-healthy bodies
    • Intersections of disabilities, gender, race, class, geography and size
    • Promotion by pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fitness industries of the ‘ideal’ body
    • Athletic bodies and attitudes ‘shaped’ by endurance, recreational and extreme sports
    • Gendering of cultural, social and sacred bodywork symbols and expressions
    • Mother work, mother strong and mothering bodywork
    • Promotion of self and self awareness of ‘the body’ in social and digital media
    • Post-colonial ‘othering’ of the body in Canadian social, cultural and political spaces

The editor Valerie Zawilski welcomes individual and co-authored proposals from both established and emerging scholars from Canadian universities and colleges. The intended audience is undergraduate students in social science programs in universities and colleges in Canada. Expected length of abstract: 250 to 300 words. Deadline for abstracts: April 30, 2019. Expected length of final chapter 6,000 to 7,000 words. Proposed deadline for full chapters: July 31, 2019.

Please submit abstracts by email to Dr. Valerie Zawilski, King’s University College,

Dr. Valerie Zawilski
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
King’s University College

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