Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 8, 2016, No. 4


Bouncing Back
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: Evidence for Return to Sports

Groin Injuries (Athletic Pubalgia) and Return to Play
Osama Elattar, Ho-Rim Choi, Vickie D. Dills, and Brian Busconi

Return to Sport After Tibial Shaft Fractures: A Systematic Review
Greg A. J. Robertson and Alexander M. Wood

Pediatric Return to Sports After Spinal Surgery
Tyler Christman and Ying Li

A Clinical Review of Return-to-Play Considerations After Anterior Shoulder Dislocation
Scott Watson, Benjamin Allen, and John A. Grant

Return to Play and Performance After Jones Fracture in National Basketball Association Athletes
John P. Begly, Michael Guss, Austin J. Ramme, Raj Karia, and Robert J. Meislin

Current Research

Physical Therapy Protocol After Hip Arthroscopy: Clinical Guidelines Supported by 2-Year Outcomes
Benjamin G. Domb, Terrance A. Sgroi, and Jeremy C. VanDevender

Health Care Utilization and Direct Medical Costs of Tennis Elbow: A Population-Based Study
Thomas L. Sanders, Hilal Maradit Kremers, Andrew J. Bryan, Jeanine E. Ransom, and Bernard F. Morrey

Gender Differences in Concussion Reporting Among High School Athletes
Theresa L. Miyashita, Eleni Diakogeorgiou, and Christina VanderVegt

Confidence in Assessment of Lumbar Spondylolysis Using Three-Dimensional Volumetric T2-Weighted MRI Compared With Limited Field of View, Decreased-Dose CT
Joshua Adam Delavan, Nicholas V. Stence, David M. Mirsky, Jane Gralla, and Michael F. Fadell

Muscle Activation Among Supine, Prone, and Side Position Exercises With and Without a Swiss Ball
Rafael F. Escamilla, Clare Lewis, Amanda Pecson, Rodney Imamura, and James R. Andrews

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