Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 12, 2020, No. 2


Sports Science Advance
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: Shoulder

Pectoralis Major Injuries in the National Football League
Shawn Sahota, Daniel B. Gibbs, Cort D. Lawton, Earvin S. Balderama, Caitlin C. Chambers, Christina D. Mack, Kristina Franke, and Gordon W. Nuber

A Comparison of Physical Therapy Protocols Between Open Latarjet Coracoid Transfer and Arthroscopic Bankart Repair
Alexander Beletsky, Jourdan M. Cancienne, Brandon J. Manderle, Nabil Mehta, Kevin E. Wilk, and Nikhil N. Verma

The Relationship Between Humeral Torsion and Arm Injury in Baseball Players: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Joshua K. Helmkamp, Garrett S. Bullock, Allison Rao, Ellen Shanley, Charles Thigpen, and Grant E. Garrigues

Effects of Modified Posterior Shoulder Stretching Exercises on Shoulder Mobility, Pain, and Dysfunction in Patients With Subacromial Impingement Syndrome
Özge Tahran and Sevgi Sevi Yeşilyaprak

Current Research

Management of Athletes With G6PD Deficiency: Does Missing an Enzyme Mean Missing More Games?
Shane N. Stone, Karl V. Reisig, Heather L. Saffel, and Christopher M. Miles

Play Sports for a Quieter Brain: Evidence From Division I Collegiate Athletes Jennifer Krizman, Tory Lindley, Silvia Bonacina, Danielle Colegrove, Travis White-Schwoch, and Nina Kraus

The Demographics of Fractures and Dislocations Across the Entire United States due to Common Sports and Recreational Activities
Cory Meixner and Randall T. Loder

Targeted Treatment Protocol in Patellofemoral Pain: Does Treatment Designed According to Subgroups Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients Unresponsive to Multimodal Treatment?
Hayri Baran Yosmaoğlu, James Selfe, Emel Sonmezer, İlknur Ezgi Sahin, Senay Çerezci Duygu, Manolya Acar Ozkoslu, Jim Richards, and Jessica Janssen

Is the Landing Error Scoring System Reliable and Valid? A Systematic Review Ivana Hanzlíková and Kim Hébert-Losier

Cannabis Use and Sport: A Systematic Review
Shgufta Docter, Moin Khan, Chetan Gohal, Bheeshma Ravi, Mohit Bhandari, Rajiv Gandhi, and Timothy Leroux

The Role of Resistance Training Dosing on Pain and Physical Function in Individuals With Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review
Meredith N. Turner, Daniel O. Hernandez, William Cade, Christopher P. Emerson, John M. Reynolds, and Thomas M. Best

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