Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 13, 2017, Issue 3


Therapeutic ultrasound in muscle injury induced by eccentric exercise: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
Rodrigo Freitas Mantovani, Mariana de Oliveira Borges, Graciele Sbruzzi & Cláudia Silveira Lima

Impact of isolated aerobic exercise in obese adolescents: systematic review
Samuel G. Fragnani, Ana Inês Gonzáles, Robson R. Lemos & Patrícia Haas

Biological underpinnings of mood and the role of physical exercise
Donatella Di Corrado

The circadian typology: the role of physical activity and melatonin
A. Montaruli, L. Galasso, A. Caumo, E. Cè, C. Pesenti, Eliana Roveda & F. Esposito

Possible benefits of different physical exercise programs after coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a minireview of selected randomized controlled trials
Fabiano de Jesus Furtado Almeida, Bruno Bavaresco Gambassi, Paulo Adriano Schwingel, Ana Eugênia Ribeiro Araújo Furtado Almeida, Bismarck Ascar Sauaia, Thiago Matheus da Silva Sousa, Janaína Oliveira Bentivi Pulcherio, Bruno Rodrigues & Vinicius José Nina

Original Articles

Motivation toward dual career of Italian student-athletes enrolled in different university paths
Corrado Lupo, Cristina Onesta Mosso, Flavia Guidotti, Giovanni Cugliari, Luisa Pizzigalli & Alberto Rainoldi

The influence of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene ID polymorphism on human physical fitness performance in European and other populations
Xiao Li, Foong Kiew Ooi, Bin Alwi Zilfalil & Surini Yusoff

Recreational soccer training improves heart-rate variability indices and physical performance in untrained healthy adolescent
Amri Hammami, Sofien Kasmi, Mohamed Razgallah, Zouhaier Tabka, Roy J. Shephard & Ezdine Bouhlel

Difference in attack situational activity indicators between successful and less successful teams in elite men’s handball
Sanja Bajgoric, Nenad Rogulj, Marijana Cavala & Ante Burger

Co-administration of vitamin C or estradiol with aerobic exercise on liver oxidative stress and enzymes in ovariectomized rat
Maryam Abbasi, Effat Bambaeichi & Mehdi Nematbakhsh

Muscular glucose metabolism in middle-age trained rats
Ana Carolina Ghezzi, Lucieli Teresa Cambri, José Diego Botezelli & Maria Alice Rostom de Mello

Familiarity affects electrocortical power spectra during dance imagery, listening to different music genres: independent component analysis of Alpha and Beta rhythms
Marco Ivaldi, Giovanni Cugliari, Sara Peracchione & Alberto Rainoldi

Spatiotemporal characteristics of habitually shod runners change when performing barefoot running
Rami Hashish, Andrea Du Bois, Sachithra D. Samarawickrame, Tulika Nandi & George J. Salem

Is postural asymmetry associated with emotional stability in healthy subjects? A preliminary study
Angela Notarnicola, Fabrizio Perroni, Giuseppe Maccagnano, Antonio Monno, Nicola Fiorentino, Silvio Tafuri & Biagio Moretti

Perceived psychological, cultural, and environmental barriers to sport in children living in urban and non-urban settings in the Midlands, Portugal
Daniela Rodrigues, Cristina Padez & Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues

Kinematic analysis of postural control in gymnasts vs. athletes practicing different sports
Bessem Mkaouer, Monèm Jemni, Sarra Hammoudi-Nassib, Samiha Amara & Helmi Chaabene

A comparative analysis between head-out underwater walking and land-based treadmill walking in a group of healthy asymptomatic elderly
Stefano Gobbo, Valentina Bullo, Federica Duregon, Lucia Cugusi, Barbara Vendramin, Danilo S. Bocalini, Piero Benelli, Cristine L. Alberton, Andrea Di Blasio, David Cruz-Diaz, Manuele Bergamo, Andrea Ermolao & Marco Bergamin

Effects of pennation angle, electrodes orientation and knee angle on surface electromyography of vastus lateralis during isometric contractions
Felipe Torres Miranda Oliveira, Carlos Gomes de Oliveira, Walace David Monteiro & Paulo Farinatti

Correlates and pattern of physical activity among urban and suburban Iranian adults: a population-based study
Leila Nikniaz, Zeinab Nikniaz, Jafar Sadegh Tabrizi, Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani & Mostafa Farahbakhsh

Long-term endurance training improves general health perception in multiple sclerosis patients with fatigue: results of an exploratory study
Marc Wonneberger & Stephan Schmidt

Open access
Different training responses to eccentric endurance exercise at low and moderate altitudes in pre-diabetic men: a pilot study
Kultida Klarod, Marc Philippe, Hannes Gatterer & Martin Burtscher

Open access
An investigation of home advantage in the Summer Paralympic Games
Darryl Wilson & Girish Ramchandani

Skin temperature changes of under-20 soccer players after two consecutive matches
Alex de Andrade Fernandes, Eduardo Mendonça Pimenta, Danilo Gomes Moreira, Manuel Sillero-Quintana, João Carlos Bouzas Marins, Rodrigo Figueiredo Morandi, Tane Kanope & Emerson Silami Garcia
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