Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 13, 2017, Issue 2


Effects of exercise intensity on VO2max in studies comparing two or more exercise intensities: a meta-analysis
Kjetil L. Høydal

Original articles

Balance in young male soccer players: dominant versus non-dominant leg
Marco Bigoni, Marco Turati, Marta Gandolla, Carlo Alberto Augusti, Alessandra Pedrocchi, Antonio La Torre, Massimiliano Piatti & Diego Gaddi

Chronic supplementation of omega-3 can improve body composition and maximal strength, but does not change the resistance to neuromuscular fatigue
Dhiego Mangilli Crestani, Érick Fernando Rodrigues Bonin, Ricardo Augusto Barbieri, Alessandro Moura Zagatto, Wonder Passoni Higino & Fabio Milioni

Bilateral balance and ratio of shoulder rotators in strength training practitioners and non-practitioners
Karini Borges Dos Santos & André Luiz Felix Rodacki

Match running performance and physical capacity profiles of U8 and U10 soccer players
Giuseppe Bellistri, Mauro Marzorati, Lorenzo Sodero, Chiarella Sforza, Paul S. Bradley & Simone Porcelli

Influence of the mid-follicular and late luteal phases on anaerobic power in university students
Ezequias Rodrigues Pestana, Emanuel Péricles Salvador, Guilherme Borges Pereira, Cristiano Teixeira Mostarda, Richard Diego Leite, Cristiane Rocha Silva & Wellington Roberto Gomes de Carvalho

Local cryotherapy is ineffective in accelerating recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage on biceps brachii
C. S. Lima, Diulian Muniz Medeiros, L. R. Prado, M. O. Borges, N. M. Nogueira, R. Radaelli & R. S. Pinto

The impact of adventure racing practice on anthropometry and energy balance of athletes
Thaiz M. Sureira, Luiz A. Lopes & Olga M. S. Amancio

The effect of exercise on adiponectin and leptin levels in overweight or obese subjects: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Hanxiao Lin, Minling Hu, Yuxia Yan & Hua Zhang

Isokinetic performance of knee extensors and flexors in adolescent male soccer athletes
Leandro Viçosa Bonetti, Letícia Lavarda Floriano, Tatiane Antunes dos Santos, Fernanda Macedo Segalla, Samoel Biondo & Gerson Saciloto Tadiello

Acute effect of whole body vibration on balance in blind vs. no-blind athletes: a preliminary study
Stefano Moffa, Enzo Iuliano, Alessandra di Cagno, Eugenio Maria Pistone, Giovanni Fiorilli & Giuseppe Calcagno

The effect of 3 months aerobic and resistance training on step initiation speed and foot tapping frequency in the overweight and obese
Erika Zemková, Oľga Kyselovičová, Michal Jeleň, Zuzana Kováčiková, Gábor Ollé, Gabriela Štefániková, Tomáš Vilman, Miroslav Baláž, Timea Kurdiová, Jozef Ukropec & Barbara Ukropcová

A comparison between aquatic and land-based physical exercise on postural sway and quality of life in people with Parkinson’s disease: a randomized controlled pilot study
Reza Shahmohammadi, Gholam-Reza Sharifi, Jonathan M. A. Melvin & Ebrahim Sadeghi-Demneh

Relative age effect in males, but not females, undergraduate students of sport science
Gennaro Boccia, Alberto Rainoldi & Paolo Riccardo Brustio

Open access
Home advantage in the Winter Paralympic Games 1976–2014
Darryl Wilson & Girish Ramchandani

Effects of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on muscle thickness and echo intensity of the elbow flexors following exercise-induced muscle damage
Diulian Muniz Medeiros, Rodrigo Freitas Mantovani & Cláudia Silveira Lima

Adequacy of dietary intake in swimmers during the general preparation phase
Cássia Daniele Zaleski Trindade, Karina Romeu Montenegro, Cláudia Dornelles Schneider, Flávio Antônio de Souza Castro & Bruno Manfredini Baroni

An optimal control solution to the predictive dynamics of cycling
Andrea Zignoli, Francesco Biral, Barbara Pellegrini, Azim Jinha, Walter Herzog & Federico Schena

PPARγ and ADRB3 polymorphisms analysis and Irisin expression in professional water polo players
Olga Scudiero, Ersilia Nigro, Ausilia Elce, Viviana Izzo, Maria Ludovica Monaco, Dino Sangiorgio, Pasqualina Buono, Giovanni Villone & Aurora Daniele

Acute effect of high-intensity interval exercise and moderate-intensity continuous exercise on appetite in overweight/obese males: a pilot study
Victor Araújo Ferreira Matos, Daniel Costa de Souza, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira Browne, Victor Oliveira Albuquerque dos Santos, Eduardo Caldas Costa & Ana Paula Trussardi Fayh

Accelerometer-based sleep behavior and activity levels in student athletes in comparison to student non-athletes
Matthew W Driller, Zanz T Dixon & Marianne I Clark

Time–motion analysis and patterns of salivary cortisol during different judo championship phases
Braulio Henrique Magnani Branco, Leonardo Vidal Andreato, Bianca Miarka, Solange Marta de Franzói Moraes, João Victor Esteves & Luís Miguel Massuça

Time use and health and wellbeing outcomes of sport school students in Australia
Olivia Knowles, Paul B. Gastin & Peter Kremer

Exercise training improves cardiorespiratory fitness and cognitive function in individuals with substance use disorders: a pilot study
Kell Grandjean da Costa, J. F. Barbieri, R. Hohl, E. C. Costa & E. B. Fontes

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