Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 32, September 2017

Highlighted Articles

Intersecting identities of elite female boxers: Stories of cultural difference and marginalization in sport
Original Research Article Pages 83-92
Amy T. Blodgett, Yang Ge, Robert J. Schinke, Kerry R. McGannon

“I deserve a treat”: Exercise motivation as a predictor of post-exercise dietary licensing beliefs and implicit associations toward unhealthy snacks   
Original Research Article Pages 93-101
Jessica West, Kym J. Guelfi, James A. Dimmock, Ben Jackson

Introductory dialogue and the Köhler Effect in software-generated workout partners   
Original Research Article Pages 131-137
Stephen Samendinger, Samuel T. Forlenza, Brian Winn, Emery J. Max, Norbert L. Kerr, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Deborah L. Feltz

Mental toughness and burnout in junior athletes: A longitudinal investigation   
Pages 138-142
Daniel J. Madigan, Adam R. Nicholls

Sport Psychology

Female relative age effects and the second-quartile phenomenon in young female ice hockey players   
Original Research Article Pages 12-16
David J. Hancock

External focus of attention and autonomy support have additive benefits for motor performance in children  
Original Research Article Pages 17-24
Reza Abdollahipour, Miriam Palomo Nieto, Rudolf Psotta, Gabriele Wulf

Development and initial validation of an indirect measure of transformational leadership integrity   
Original Research Article Pages 34-46
John P. Mills, Ian D. Boardley

Higher power of sensorimotor rhythm is associated with better performance in skilled air-pistol shooters   
Original Research Article Pages 47-53
Ming-Yang Cheng, Kuo-Pin Wang, Chiao-Ling Hung, Yu-Long Tu, Chung-Ju Huang, Dirk Koester, Thomas Schack, Tsung-Min Hung

The effect of stereotype threat on student-athlete math performance   
Pages 54-57
Shaina Riciputi, Kristi Erdal

The pathway to accepting derogatory ingroup norms: The roles of compartmentalization and legitimacy
Original Research Article Pages 58-66
Catherine E. Amiot, Marina Doucerain, Winnifred R. Louis

The light quartet: Positive personality traits and approaches to coping in sport coaches   
Original Research Article Pages 67-73
Sylvain Laborde, Félix Guillén, Matthew Watson, Mark S. Allen

The effects of goal priming on cortisol responses in an ego-involving climate   
Original Research Article Pages 74-82
Michael P. Breske, Mary D. Fry, Andrew C. Fry, Candace M. Hogue

Systematically comparing methods used to study flow in sport: A longitudinal multiple-case study   
Original Research Article Pages 113-123
Patricia C. Jackman, Lee Crust, Christian Swann

Motivational processes in the coach-athlete relationship: A multi-cultural self-determination approach   Original Research Article Pages 143-152
Sophia Jowett, James W. Adie, Kimberley J. Bartholomew, Sophie X. Yang, Henrik Gustafsson, Alicia Lopez-Jiménez

Exercise Psychology

Psychological, social and physical environmental mediators of the SCORES intervention on physical activity among children living in low-income communities   
Original Research Article Pages 1-11
Kristen E. Cohen, Philip J. Morgan, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Ryan M. Hulteen, David R. Lubans

A pilot study exploring the use of a telephone-assisted planning intervention to promote parental support for physical activity among children and youth with disabilities   
Original Research Article Pages 25-33
Sunita Tanna, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Ryan E. Rhodes, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter

Times have changed: Parent perspectives on children’s free play and sport   
Original Research Article Pages 102-112
Tina Watchman, Nancy Spencer-Cavaliere

Comparison of affect-regulated, self-regulated, and heart-rate regulated exercise prescriptions: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial   
Original Research Article Pages 124-130
Zachary Zenko, Julia D. O’Brien, Catherine J. Berman, Dan Ariely

Does parental support moderate the effect of children’s motivation and self-efficacy on physical activity and sedentary behaviour?   
Original Research Article Pages 153-161
F.B. Gillison, M. Standage, S.P. Cumming, J. Zakrzewski-Fruer, P.C. Rouse, P.T. Katzmarzyk

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