Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 10, Issue 1

ssh-dsEffects of Ramadan fasting on substrate oxidation, physiological and perceptual responses during submaximal intensity running in active men
Abdul Rashid Aziz , Weileen Png , Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed , Anis Chaouachi , Edwin Chong & Rabindarjeet Singh

Relationships between swimming style and dry-land strength in breaststroke
Pietro Luigi Invernizzi , Raffaele Scurati , Stefano Longo , Giorgio Gatta & Giovanni Michielon

Work-related risk factors for low back pain in firefighters. Is exercise helpful?
Fani Katsavouni , Evangelos Bebetsos , Panagiotis Antoniou , Paraskevi Malliou & Anastasia Beneka

Effect of maximum grip strength on controlled force exertion measured by a computer-generated sinusoidal waveform in young adult males
Yoshinori Nagasawa , Shinichi Demura , Kenji Takahashi , Hiroki Sugiura & Yuu Uchida

Post-exercise blood pressure responses to different resistive training modalities
Hamid Arazi & Hassan Faraji

Effects of different amplitudes of whole body vibration training on performance
Farshad Ghazalian , Laleh Hakemi , Lotfali Pourkazemi , Mohammadreza Akhoond & Morteza Ahmadi

Weight status and physical fitness in female soccer players: is there an optimal BMI?
P. T. Nikolaidis

Effects of exercise in a islet-transplanted half-marathon runner: outcome on diabetes management, training and metabolic profile
V. Delmonte , R. Codella , L. Piemonti , A. La Torre , S. Benedini , P. Maffi , C. Ricordi & L. Luzi

I am what I am? The Baller Identity Measurement Scale (BIMS) with a Division I football team in American higher educationErratum
C. Keith Harrison , Laurel Tranyowicz , Scott Bukstein , Ginny McPherson-Botts & Suzanne Malia Lawrence

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