Sport Marketing Quarterly Volume 23, Number 4, December 2014

smqAs Time Goes By: Deciphering the Fantasy Sport Playing Teenager
Brody J. Ruihley, Andrew C. Billings, and Coral Rae
pp. 187-197

Runner Identity and Sponsorship: Evaluating the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
Nancy L. Lough, Jennifer R. Pharr, and Jason O. Owen
pp. 198-211

How Event Significance, Team Quality, and School Proximity Affect Secondary Market Behavior at March Madness
Patrick J. Rishe, Michael Mondello, and Brett Boyle
pp. 212-224

Room for Growth in Professional Sport: An Examination of the Factors Affecting African-American Attendance
Ashley Stadler Blank, Kristi Sweeney, and Rhema D. Fuller
pp. 225-240

Riddell vs. United States Casts Legal Light on Tariff Engineering
Mark Dodds and Kevin Heisey
pp. 241-243

Sponsorship of Non-Profit Sporting Events: The Case of the Well-Being Festival
Chrysostomos Giannoulakis
pp. 244-252

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