Sport Management Review, Volume 21, 2018, Issue 4


Power, performance, and expectations in the dismissal of NBA coaches: A survival analysis study Original Research Article Pages 333-346
David B. Wangrow, Donald J. Schepker, Vincent L. Barker

A typology of cause-related marketing approaches in European professional basketball Original
Research Article Pages 347-362
Cleo Schyvinck, Annick Willem

Sport team emotion: Conceptualization, scale development and validation
Original Research Article Pages 363-376
Seunghwan Lee, Yukyoum Kim, Bob Heere

NCAA football television viewership: Product quality and consumer preference relative to market expectations
Original Research Article Pages 377-390
Katie M. Brown, Steven Salaga

Equity-based sustainability and ecocentric management: Creating more ecologically just sport organization practices
Original Research Article Pages 391-402
Melanie L. Sartore-Baldwin, Brian McCullough

Dress for fit: An exploration of female activewear consumption
Original Research Article Pages 403-415
Xiaochen Zhou, Clare Hanlon, Jonathan Robertson, Ramon Spaaij, Hans Westerbeek, Allison Hossack, Daniel C. Funk

The meaning of team in team identification
Original Research Article Pages 416-429
Elizabeth B. Delia, Jeffrey D. James

“But a champion comes out much, much later”: A sport development case study of the 1968 U.S. Olympic team
Original Research Article Pages 430-442
Brennan K. Berg, Rhema D. Fuller, Michael Hutchinson

The force of the national rhetorical arena: Voices in tune against a disrespectful foreign sponsor
Original Research Article Pages 443-458
Fabrice Desmarais, Catherine Wallace

The process toward commitment to running—The role of different motives, involvement, and coaching
Original Research Article Pages 459-472
Claudio M. Rocha, Otavio A. Gratao

The Business of Sports—Off the Field, in the Office, on the News, Mark Conrad (3rd Edition), Routledge. ISBN: 9781138913196.
Book Reviews Pages 473-474
Li-Shiue Gau

Leisure, Sport and Tourism, Politics, Policy and Planning, Anthony James Veal, (4th Edition), CABI. ISBN: 978178064804.
Book Reviews Pages 475-476
Richard Keith Wright

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