Sport Management Review, Volume 21, 2018, Issue 3

Leadership in governance: Exploring collective board leadership in sport governance systems
Review Article Pages 221-231
Lesley Ferkins, David Shilbury, Ian O’Boyle

Exploring the domestic relationship between mega-events and destination image: The image impact of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games for the city of London
Original Research Article Pages 232-249
James Andrew Kenyon, Guillaume Bodet

The effects of service convenience and perceived quality on perceived value, satisfaction and loyalty in low-cost fitness centers
Original Research Article Pages 250-262
Jerónimo García-Fernández, Pablo Gálvez-Ruíz, Jesús Fernández-Gavira, Luisa Vélez-Colón, Brenda Pitts, Ainara Bernal-García

Political activity in escalation of commitment: Sport facility funding and government decision making in the United States
Original Research Article Pages 263-278
Michael Hutchinson, Brennan K. Berg, Timothy B. Kellison

Leveraging community sport organizations to promote community capacity: Strategic outcomes, challenges, and theoretical considerations
Original Research Article Pages 279-292
Gareth J. Jones, Michael B. Edwards, Jason N. Bocarro, Kyle S. Bunds, Jordan W. Smith

Examining the antecedents of sport team brand equity: A dual-identification perspective
Original Research Article Pages 293-306
Michael Chih-Hung Wang, Ya-Yun Tang

The impact of organizational capacity on voluntary engagement in sports clubs: A multi-level analysis
Original Research Article Pages 307-320
Philipp Swierzy, Pamela Wicker, Christoph Breuer

Accumulating subcultural capital through sport event participation: The AFL International Cup
Original Research Article Pages 321-332
Sheranne Fairley, Danny O’Brien

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