Sport Management Education Journal, Volume 10, 2016, Issue 2


Exploring Student Perceptions of Sales: A Case Study of a Sport-Sales Course
Liz A. Sattler, Clinton Warren

Internship Characteristics, Critical Events, and Intent to Enter the Vocation
Michael Odio, Shannon Kerwin

Ticket and Sponsorship Sales: Student Perceptions of Learning Through Revenue Generation Projects
Elizabeth A. Wanless, Ryan M. Brewer, James E. Johnson, Lawrence W. Judge

Service Learning For Social Change: Raising Social Consciousness Among Sport Management Students
Kimberly A. Bush, Michael B. Edwards, Gareth J. Jones, Jessica L. Hook, Michael L. Armstrong

Pedagogical Innovations

Experiential Learning: Impacting Student Lateral and Vertical Development
Mark A. McDonald, Kirsty Spence

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