Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 9, 2020, Issue 3

The antecedents and outcomes of informal roles in interdependent sport teams
Kim, Jeemin; Godfrey, Michael; Eys, Mark

Psychological predictors of perceived stress and recovery in sport
Wahl, Carly A.; Gnacinski, Stacy L.; Nai, Mellanie M.; Meyer, Barbara B.

The impact of sleep on mental toughness: Evidence from observational and N-of-1 manipulation studies in athletes
Cooper, K. Bradford; Wilson, Mark R.; Jones, Martin I.

Social identity moderates the effects of team-referent attributions on collective efficacy but not emotions
Murray, Ross M.; Coffee, Pete; Arthur, Calum A.; Eklund, Robert C.

Relationship between coaching climates and student-athletes’ symptoms of burnout in school and sports
Into, Sonja; Perttula, Veli-Matti; Aunola, Kaisa; Sorkkila, Matilda; Ryba, Tatiana V.

Application of analogy learning in softball batting: Comparing novice and intermediate players
Capio, Catherine M.; Uiga, Liis; Lee, Man Hong; Masters, Rich S. W.

Navigating early specialization sport: Parent and athlete goal-directed processes
Wall, Jessie M.; Pradhan, Kesha; Baugh, Leah M.; Beauchamp, Mark R.; Marshall, Sheila K.; Young, Richard A.

Understanding parent stressors and coping experiences in elite sports contexts
Lienhart, Noémie; Nicaise, Virginie; Knight, Camilla J.; Guillet-Descas, Emma

Do exercisers maximize their pleasure by default? Using prompts to enhance the affective experience of exercise
Zenko, Zachary; Kahn, Rachel M.; Berman, Catherine J.; Hutchinson, Jasmin C.; Jones, Leighton

Stress, physical activity, and resilience resources: Tests of direct and moderation effects in young adults
Lines, Robin L. J.; Ducker, Kagan J.; Ntoumanis, Nikos; Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Cecilie; Fletcher, David; McGarry, Sarah; Gucciardi, Daniel F.

You do (not?) have to go to the gym: Effects of negations in exercise messages
Berry, Tanya R.

Effect of changes of outcome expectations on physical activity self-efficacy ratings: A test of hypothetical incentives among mothers of young children
Lithopoulos, Alexander; Williams, David M.; Rhodes, Ryan E.

Does mental toughness predict physical endurance? A replication and extension of Crust and Clough (2005)
Jones, Martin I.

Dual processes to explain longitudinal gains in physical education students’ prosocial and antisocial behavior: Need satisfaction from autonomy support and need frustration from interpersonal control
Jang, Hye-Ryen; Reeve, Johnmarshall; Cheon, Sung Hyeon; Song, Yong-Gwan – 8/22/2019

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