Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 4, Issue 4

sepp-dsA qualitative study of perfectionism among self-identified perfectionists in sport and the performing arts
Page 237-253
Hill, Andrew P.; Witcher, Chad S. G.; Gotwals, John K.; Leyland, Anna F.

Methodological considerations for investigating expert interceptive skill in in situ settings
Page 254-267
Müller, Sean; Brenton, John; Rosalie, Simon M.

The effects of moral identity on moral emotion and antisocial behavior in sport
Page 268-279
Kavussanu, Maria; Stanger, Nicholas; Ring, Christopher

Sport psychology services in performance settings: NCAA D-I certified athletic trainers’ perceptions
Page 280-292
Zakrajsek, Rebecca A.; Martin, Scott B.; Wrisberg, Craig A.

Effects of groupness and cohesion on intention to return in sport
Page 293-302
Spink, Kevin S.; Ulvick, Jocelyn D.; McLaren, Colin D.; Crozier, Alyson J.; Fesser, Kayla

Embracing athletic identity in the face of threat
Page 303-315
Benson, Alex J.; Evans, M. Blair; Surya, Mark; Martin, Luc J.; Eys, Mark A.

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