Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, Volume 5, Issue 5

Advancing knowledge about governance, sponsorship and talent development in sports. Best papers from the 2014 EURAM “Managing Sport” tracks in Valencia
Guest editors: Mathieu Winand and Harald Dolles

sbmThird-person perceptions of gambling sponsorship advertising
Margaret A. Johnston and Luc R. Bourgeois

Legitimacy and democracy: implications for governance in sport
Brian Minikin

World Anti-Doping Agency: a meta-organizational perspective
Emilie Malcourant, Alain Vas, and Thierry Zintz

Unlocking advertising, activation and sponsorship in an emerging market
Sten Söderman and Harald Dolles

Talent development in football: are young talents given time to blossom?
Stig Arve Sæther and Harry Arne Solberg

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