Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Vol. 89, 2018, Issue 3

Special Topics: The 2018 C. H. McCloy Lecture

Utility of the Youth Compendium of Physical Activities
Barbara E. Ainsworth, Kathleen B. Watson, Kate Ridley, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Stephen D. Herrmann, Scott E. Crouter, Robert G. McMurray, Nancy F. Butte, David R. Bassett Jr., Stewart G. Trost, David Berrigan & Janet E. Fulton

Special Topics: White Paper

Introduction: Moving Forward: A Research Agenda for SHAPE America
Darla Castelli & Hans van der Mars

SHAPE America’s 50 Million StrongTM: Critical Research Questions Related to Youth Physical Activity
Heather Erwin, Timothy A. Brusseau, Russell Carson, Samuel Hodge & Minsoo Kang


Females With Visual Impairments in Physical Education: Exploring the Intersection Between Disability and Gender Identities
Justin A. Haegele, Amanda Yessick & Xihe Zhu

Moderate-Intensity Oxygen Uptake Kinetics: Is a Mono-Exponential Function Always Appropriate to Model the Response?
Julian Dale & Mark Glaister

Optimization of Maximal Rate of Heart Rate Increase Assessment in Runners
Clint R. Bellenger, Rebecca L. Thomson, Kade Davison, Eileen Y. Robertson, Maximillian J. Nelson, Laura Karavirta & Jonathan D. Buckley

Effect of Dehydration on Passing Decision Making in Soccer Athletes
Leonardo S. Fortes, José R. A. Nascimento-Júnior, Arnaldo L. Mortatti, Dalton Roberto Alvas Araújo de Lima-Júnior & Maria E. C. Ferreira

Research Notes

Supramaximal Eccentrics Versus Traditional Loading in Improving Lower-Body 1RM: A Meta-Analysis
Andrew N. L. Buskard, Heath R. Gregg & Soyeon Ahn

Sex-Related Responses to Eccentric-Only Resistance Training in Knee-Extensors Muscle Strength and Architecture
Giuseppe Coratella, Stefano Longo, Emiliano Cè, Eloisa Limonta, Susanna Rampichini, Angela Valentina Bisconti, Federico Schena & Fabio Esposito

Self-Narrative Profiles of Elite Athletes and Comparisons on Psychological Well-Being
Benjamin J. Houltberg, Kenneth T. Wang, Wei Qi & Christina S. Nelson

Physical Education Teachers’ Awareness and Understanding of Concussions, and Concussion Policies and Protocols
Kasee Hildenbrand, K. Andrew R. Richards & Paul M. Wright

Improving Functional Movement Proficiency in Middle School Physical Education
Cheryl A. Coker

Relative Age Effect, Biological Maturation, and Coaches’ Efficacy Expectations in Young Male Soccer Players
Iván Peña-González, Jaime Fernández-Fernández, Manuel Moya-Ramón & Eduardo Cervelló

Feasibility for the Use of a Standardized Fitness Testing Protocol Among Australian Fitness Industry Professionals
Jason A. Bennie, Glen H. Wiesner, Ineke Vergeer, Tracy L. Kolbe-Alexander, Katrien De Cocker, Chris Alexander & Stuart J. H. Biddle

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