Research fellow in sportpolicies and politics to University College of Southeast Norway


University College of Southeast Norway was established 1 January 2016, and has about 16,000 students and about 1,500 employees. The university college is temporarily organized in eight faculties, with instruction and R&D activities on eight campuses. The main profile of the university college is to provide socially relevant education, geared towards specific professions, and adapted to the requirements of the workplace, as well as to produce applied research and development.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a vacancy for the position of Research Fellow in Sport Policy/Politics from 01.01.2017.

The position is attached to the Department of Sports and Outdoor studies and reports to the Head of Department. The place of employment is the Campus Bø (Telemark).

As of 1 January 2017, University College of Southeast-Norway will be organized into four faculties, and as a result, the positions organizational affiliation changes. The position will be attached to The Department of Sports, Physical Education and Outdoor Studies at The Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science.


Applicants to the PhD position must have a Master’s degree or equivalent higher education qualifications in sport policies, sportsociology or other relevant areas.The applicant must have gained the degree within the application deadline.

It is a requirement that the successful applicant is granted admission to the University’s doctoral programme in Cultural Studies.

Information about the position

Decision-making processes behind mega-events
Since the mid-1980s, Norway has had a number of application processes for hosting the Olympic Winter Games and world championships in sports such as alpine and Nordic skiing and in road cycling. Currently, Norway is developing a joint application with other Nordic countries to host the European Football Championships in 2024.  The justifications for applying to host events such as the Olympic Winter Games have included creating jobs, improving infrastructure in the candidate cities, civic and national branding, encouraging increased physical activity across different populations, increasing tourist visits to Norway, ensuring welfare and culture in rural areas, assisting the government’s northern area strategy, and building more sport facilities that are desperately needed by the Norwegian sport system. A number of researchers have investigated different sport mega-events and found that very few of these extended impacts and legacies have turned out as expected.  Yet politicians and sport leaders continue to have a strong desire to host such events.  This project aims to generate new knowledge on why Norwegian cities want to organize major sporting events.

Several theoretical and methodological approaches will be relevant to respond to project issues. The applicants will be invited to outline the theoretical and methodological foundations for their project.  There is a longer project description which can be sent to the potential applicants on request.

The successful candidate will apply for admission to the PhD programme in Cultural Studies at HSN. A brief description of the programme can be provided to applicants on request.  We strongly encourage potential applicants to familiarize themselves with the academic orientation of the programme.

The appointment is for a period of three years without teaching duties. We might, under special surcomstances, concider appointment for four years with 25 % teaching duties. The term will be agreed upon accesion.

For further information concerning the position please contact Professor Jan Ove Tangen, 0047 35952759 at Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sport and Friluftslivs Studies

The college will undergo some reorganization in 2016, which may affect the position’s organizational affiliation.

We offer

  • A professionally stimulating working environment.
  • Good opportunities to develop your career and your academic skills
  • A good social environment
  • Attractive welfare benefits in the State Pension Plan
  • Opportunity for physical activities within working hours

The position is placed in the state salary scale 50 (code 1017, LR 20.8), currently NOK 430,500 per annum. Further promotion will be based on service in the position. In special cases, employment in code 1378 may be considered. A statutory contribution will be made from the employee’s salary to the state pension plan.

Additional information

The Academic Appointments Board is responsible for appointments to academic positions at University College of Southeast Norway. An expert assessment of applicants will be carried out. Short-listed candidates will be called in for interviews and must be prepared to present and discuss their projects.

The successful applicant must comply with the laws, regulations and agreements that apply to the position.

It is an aim of personnel policy that the academic staff of University College of Southeast Norway should reflect the composition of the general population. It is therefore a personnel policy objective to achieve a balanced age and gender composition on the faculty and to recruit people from ethnic minority backgrounds. People from ethnic minority backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the position.

According to the Norwegian Freedom of Information act § 25 2 paragraph, information about the applicant may be included in the public applicant list, even though the applicant has requested non-disclosure. The applicant will be informed if his/her request has been declined.

How to apply

University College of Southeast Norway uses online applications. We therefore ask applicants to register their application and CV online by clicking this link. The application must include the following documents:

  1. Certified diplomas and certificates from university college/university
  2. Master’s thesis
  3. A 5-page (maximum) project description
  4. Any scientific publications and a list of these
  5. Three references (contact information)

Please note that all documents must be translated into English or a Scandinavian language by an authorized translator.

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