Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 33, September 2017

Highlighted Articles

Testing the triple-match principle among Dutch elite athletes: A day-level study on sport demands, detachment and recovery
Original Research Article Pages 7-17
Yannick A. Balk, Jan de Jonge, Wido G.M. Oerlemans, Sabine A.E. Geurts

Systematic review of stress-related injury vulnerability in athletic and occupational contexts
Review Article Pages 37-44
Harnoor Singh, David E. Conroy

The TASS-Q: The Team-referent Availability of Social Support Questionnaire
Original Research Article Pages 55-65
Pete Coffee, Paul Freeman, Mark S. Allen

Stressors, coping, and well-being among sports coaches: A systematic review
Review Article Pages 93-112
Luke A. Norris, Faye F. Didymus, Mariana Kaiseler

Sport Psychology

Prior self-control exertion and perceptions of pain during a physically demanding task
Original Research Article Pages 1-6
Ruth Boat, Ian M. Taylor

The effects of open vs. specific goals on flow and clutch states in a cognitive task
Original Research Article Pages 45-54
Matthew Schweickle, Scott Groves, Stewart A. Vella, Christian Swann

Perfectionistic strivings, perfectionistic concerns, and reactions to poor personal performances among intercollegiate athletes
Original Research Article Pages 75-84
Michael R. Lizmore, John G.H. Dunn, Janice Causgrove Dunn

“Sport has always been first for me” but “all my free time is spent doing homework”: Dual career styles in late adolescence
Original Research Article Pages 131-140
Tatiana V. Ryba, Natalia B. Stambulova, Harri Selänne, Kaisa Aunola, Jari-Erik Nurmi

Exploring choking experiences in elite sport: The role of self-presentation
Original Research Article Pages 141-149
Denise M. Hill, Sarah Carvell, Nic Matthews, Neil J.V. Weston, Richard R.C. Thelwell

Exercise Psychology

Exercise behavior and gender-related differences in posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms
Original Research Article Pages 18-23
James W. Whitworth, Nicholas J. SantaBarbara, Sanaz Nosrat, Jordan E. LaBrec, Mark E. Louie, Joseph T. Ciccolo

Test–retest reliability of the Brunel Lifestyle Physical Activity Questionnaire
Original Research Article Pages 24-30
Massimo M. Vencato, Costas I. Karageorghis, Alan M. Nevill, David-Lee Priest

Acute exercise effects on worry, state anxiety, and feelings of energy and fatigue among young women with probable Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A pilot study
Original Research Article Pages 31-36
Matthew P. Herring, Mats Hallgren, Mark J. Campbell

Emotional or instrumental support? Distinct effects on vigorous exercise and affect
Original Research Article Pages 66-74
Pamela Rackow, Corina Berli, Janina Lüscher, Aleksandra Luszczynska, Urte Scholz

Youth sports and physical activity: The relationship between perceptions of childhood sport experience and adult exercise behavior
Original Research Article Pages 85-92
Stephen M. Miller, Jason T. Siegel

From pleasure and pride to the fear of decline: Exploring the emotions in older women’s physical activity narratives
Original Research Article Pages 113-122
Erica V. Bennett, Laura Hurd Clarke, Kent C. Kowalski, Peter R.E. Crocker

The association between gender role stereotypes, resistance training motivation, and participation
Original Research Article Pages 123-130
Holly S. Howe, Timothy N. Welsh, Catherine M. Sabiston

Fatigue increases the perception of future effort during decision making
Original Research Article Pages 150-160
Pierpaolo Iodice, Cinzia Calluso, Laura Barca, Maurizio Bertollo, Patrizio Ripari, Giovanni Pezzulo

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