Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 30, May 2017

Highlighted Articles

The impact of E-diaries and accelerometers on young adults’ perceived and objectively assessed physical activity
Original Research Article Pages 55-63
Miriam H. Eisenberg, L. Alison Phillips, Lauren Fowler, Philip J. Moore

Well-being self-efficacy and complier average causal effect estimation: A substantive-methodological synergy
Original Research Article Pages 135-144
Nicholas D. Myers, Isaac Prilleltensky, Christopher R. Hill, Deborah L. Feltz

Inter-individual neural differences in movement imagery abilities
Original Research Article Pages 153-163
Brian D. Seiler, Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Eva V. Monsma

Subgroups and cliques in sport: A longitudinal case study of a rugby union team
Original Research Article Pages 164-172
Christopher R.D. Wagstaff, Luc J. Martin, Richard C. Thelwell

Socioeconomic status as a moderator between social cognitions and physical activity: Systematic review and meta-analysis based on the Theory of Planned Behavior
Review Article Pages 186-195
Benjamin Schüz, Arthur Sone-Wai Li, Alison Hardinge, Rosemary R.C. McEachan, Mark Conner

Sport Psychology

Athletes and parents coping with deselection in competitive youth sport: A communal coping perspective
Original Research Article Pages 1-9
Kacey C. Neely, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, John G.H. Dunn, Nicholas L. Holt

The two roads from passion to sport performance and psychological well-being: The mediating role of need satisfaction, deliberate practice, and achievement goals
Original Research Article Pages 19-29
Jérémie Verner-Filion, Robert J. Vallerand, Catherine E. Amiot, Irina Mocanu

Enacted support and golf-putting performance: The role of support type and support visibility
Original Research Article Pages 30-37
Tjerk Moll, Tim Rees, Paul Freeman

Rethinking the relationship between momentum and sport performance: Toward an integrative perspective
Review Article Pages 38-44
Walid Briki

“I don’t know if I would report them”: Student-athletes’ thoughts, feelings and anticipated behaviours on blowing the whistle on doping in sport
Original Research Article Pages 45-54
Kelsey Erickson, Susan H. Backhouse, David Carless

Coping rarely takes place in a social vacuum: Exploring antecedents and outcomes of dyadic coping in coach-athlete relationships
Original Research Article Pages 91-100
Helen R. Staff, Faye F. Didymus, Susan H. Backhouse

Personality and performance in real-world competitions: Testing trait activation of fear of negative evaluation, dispositional reinvestment, and athletic identity in the field
Original Research Article Pages 101-109
Katharina Geukes, Jack T. Harvey, Alexandra Trezise, Christopher Mesagno

The differential impact of motivational climate on adolescents’ psychological and physiological stress responses
Original Research Article Pages 118-127
Candace M. Hogue, Mary D. Fry, Andrew C. Fry

Comparing the effects of conscious monitoring and conscious control on motor performance
Original Research Article Pages 145-152
Wouter F. van Ginneken, Jamie M. Poolton, Richard S.W. Masters, Catherine M. Capio, Elmar C. Kal, John van der Kamp

Effects of a cognitive-behavioral intervention on field hockey players’ appraisals of organizational stressors
Original Research Article Pages 173-185
Faye F. Didymus, David Fletcher

More than a feeling: The role of anticipated regret in predicting doping intentions in adolescent athletes
Original Research Article Pages 196-204
Lambros Lazuras, Vassilis Barkoukis, Luca Mallia, Fabio Lucidi, Ralf Brand

Longitudinal associations between athletes’ controlled motivation, ill-being, and perceptions of controlling coach behaviors: A Bayesian latent growth curve approach
Original Research Article Pages 205-214
Andreas Stenling, Andreas Ivarsson, Peter Hassmén, Magnus Lindwall

“I Am a lifer!” facilitating the transition into non-elite adult sport: A case study of rugby in Canada’s largest city
Original Research Article Pages 215-225
Lauren Wolman, Jessica Fraser-Thomas

Empowering youth sport and acculturation: Examining the hosts’ perspective in Greek adolescents
Original Research Article Pages 226-235
Eleftheria Morela, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Xavier Sanchez, Athanasios Papaioannou, Anne-Marie Elbe

Exercise Psychology

Changes in physical activity and sedentary behavior associated with an exercise intervention in depressed adults
Original Research Article Pages 10-18
Björg Helgadóttir, Neville Owen, David W. Dunstan, Örjan Ekblom, Mats Hallgren, Yvonne Forsell

Internalized weight stigma mediates and moderates physical activity outcomes during a healthy living program for women with high body mass index
Original Research Article Pages 64-72
Janell L. Mensinger, Angela Meadows

Randomized Face-to-face vs. Home exercise interventions in pregnant women with gestational diabetes
Original Research Article Pages 73-81
Danielle Symons Downs, Jennifer M. DiNallo, Leann L. Birch, Ian M. Paul, Jan S. Ulbrecht

Aerobic exercise training ameliorates craving and inhibitory control in methamphetamine dependencies: A randomized controlled trial and event-related potential study
Original Research Article Pages 82-90
Dongshi Wang, Ting Zhu, Chenglin Zhou, Yu-Kai Chang

Temptations toward behaviors minimizing energetic costs (BMEC) automatically activate physical activity goals in successful exercisers
Original Research Article Pages 110-117
Boris Cheval, Philippe Sarrazin, Matthieu P. Boisgontier, Remi Radel

Physical activity and personality: A behaviour genetic analysis
Original Research Article Pages 128-134
Ana Butković, Tena Vukasović Hlupić, Denis Bratko

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