Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 26, September 2016

pse-dsHighlighted Articles

Perfectionism and changes in athlete burnout over three months: Interactive effects of personal standards and evaluative concerns perfectionism
Original Research Article Pages 32-39
Daniel J. Madigan, Joachim Stoeber, Louis Passfield

Individual arousal-related performance zones effect on temporal and behavioral patterns in golf routines
Original Research Article Pages 52-60
Harm van der Lei, Gershon Tenenbaum, William M. Land

The effects of different exercise types on visuospatial attention in the elderly
Original Research Article Pages 130-138
Chia-Liang Tsai, Chun-Hao Wang, Chien-Yu Pan, Fu-Chen Chen, Shu-Yu Huang, Yu-Ting Tseng

Disability sport and activist identities: A qualitative study of narratives of activism among elite athletes’ with impairment
Original Research Article Pages 139-148
Brett Smith, Andrea Bundon, Melanie Best

Sport Psychology

High school athletes’ self-determined motivation: The independent and interactive effects of coach, father, and mother autonomy support
Original Research Article Pages 1-8
Anthony J. Amorose, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Tarkington J. Newman, Mickey Fraina, Aidyn Iachini

Positive personality-trait-like individual differences in athletes from individual- and team sports and in non-athletes
Original Research Article Pages 9-13
Sylvain Laborde, Félix Guillén, Emma Mosley

On the formation of favourable impressions: Associations between self-presentation motives, task behaviour, and others’ evaluations of the self in a team-sport setting
Original Research Article Pages 40-47
Timothy C. Howle, Ben Jackson, James A. Dimmock

Confirmatory factor analysis of the Multidimensional Inventory of Perfectionism in Sport
Pages 48-51
Daniel J. Madigan

Examining the interactive effects of coach-created empowering and disempowering climate dimensions on athletes’ health and functioning
Original Research Article Pages 61-70
Paul R. Appleton, Joan L. Duda

“Girls should cook, rather than kick!” – Female soccer players under stereotype threat
Original Research Article Pages 94-101
Johanna M. Hermann, Regina Vollmeyer

Consequences of prosocial and antisocial behavior for the recipient
Original Research Article Pages 102-112
Ali Al-Yaaribi, Maria Kavussanu, Christopher Ring

Enhancing the academic success of competitive student athletes using a motivation treatment intervention (Attributional Retraining)
Original Research Article Pages 113-122
Patti C. Parker, Raymond P. Perry, Jeremy M. Hamm, Judith G. Chipperfield, Steve Hladkyj

Psychosocial factors as longitudinal predictors of bulimic symptomatology among female collegiate athletes
Original Research Article Pages 123-129
Dana K. Voelker, Trent A. Petrie, Craig S. Neumann, Carlin M. Anderson

Application of the generalized matching law to point-after-touchdown conversions and kicker selection in college football
Original Research Article Pages 149-153
John Michael Falligant, Steven R. Boomhower, Sacha T. Pence

Investigating discrepancies in program quality related to youth volleyball athletes’ needs support Original Research Article Pages 154-163
Corliss Bean, Tanya Forneris, Jennifer Brunet

Exercise Psychology

Effects of exercise on mental health outcomes in adolescents: Findings from the CrossFit™ teens randomized controlled trial
Original Research Article Pages 14-23
Narelle Eather, Philip J. Morgan, David R. Lubans

I want to keep on exercising but I don’t: The negative impact of momentary lacks of self-control on exercise adherence
Original Research Article Pages 24-31
Chris Englert, Jan Rummel

Modeling indicators and outcomes of students’ perceived teacher relatedness support in high school physical education
Original Research Article Pages 71-82
Cassandra Sparks, James Dimmock, Chris Lonsdale, Ben Jackson

Motivational, volitional and multiple goal predictors of walking in people with type 2 diabetes
Original Research Article Pages 83-93
Masoumeh Namadian, Justin Presseau, Margaret C. Watson, Christine M. Bond, Falko F. Sniehotta

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