Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 5, 2016, Issue 2

Minimising the harms of anti-doping    Original Research Article
Pages 35-37

Health and well-being implications surrounding the use of wearable GPS devices in professional rugby league: A Foucauldian disciplinary analysis of the normalised use of a common surveillance aid   Original Research Article
Pages 38-46
Luke Jones, Phil Marshall, Jim Denison

Relaxation techniques in sports: A systematic review on acute effects on performance    Review Article
Pages 47-59
Maximilian Pelka, Jahan Heidari, Alexander Ferrauti, Tim Meyer, Mark Pfeiffer, Michael Kellmann

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy and napping on mood state and muscle soreness in elite athletes: A novel recovery strategy?    Original Research Article
Pages 60-65
Matthew W. Driller, Christos K. Argus

Are doping substances imported into Switzerland mainly to increase athletic performance?   Original Research Article
Pages 66-76
Christina Weber, Matthias Kamber, Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner

Contexts and conditions for a level playing field: Elite athletes’ perspectives on anti-doping in practice   Original Research Article
Pages 77-85
Anna Efverström, Åsa Bäckström, Nader Ahmadi, David Hoff

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